How to Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean: A Few Essential Tips

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The hardest part about keeping the house clean is getting into a routine. Of course, routines are the best way to maintain your home, especially if you have a kid or two running underfoot. If those kids aren’t yet old enough to help you out, then it can seem even more impossible to find order. This resource from Simplymaid recommends a list to get you started. Just a simple list of daily tasks can really help you get in the permanent mindset of a squeaky clean abode.

How to Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean

Great Tips How to Clean Up your Home

Make Your Bed

The best, and worst, part of the list should be making your bed. You spend your nights curled up in, tangling sheets and tossing pillows. Make sure you pull it all together once you leave it for the day. That’s because walking into your room and seeing a perfectly made bed brings a sense of order immediately, and can help prompt the rest of your day. Even if your kids have toys strewn every which way, the simple image of a neatly made bed can turn the whole room into a collected catastrophe, as opposed to just a hazardous mess.

Clean Dishes As You Go

Another good idea is to always clean your dishes as you go. That can seem impossible of course. Some meals require multiple pots and pans to cook, along with all the dishes for a nice presentation. But as meat fries on the stove you can wash the pan you used to cook the rice, or the bowls you mixed the sauce in.

If you clean all the dishes used to make the meal before you sit down to eat it, then the task of cleaning all those dishes once you’ve eaten is far less daunting.

We all know dishes can pile up quickly into a teetering tower of hardened scum and food bits. Cleaning dishes right away is actually easier than waiting till later, before everything dries to the plates. If you are the kind of person who likes to let the dishwasher do the hard work, then be sure to empty it whenever you find yourself puttering in the kitchen.

Lightly Clean the Bathroom More Often

Scrubbing the bathroom is never anyone’s favorite chore. When the kids are old enough, they’ll take over. But for now you’re relegated to the task with toilet brush in one hand, bleach in the other.

It’s far too easy to wait until you know the bathroom needs cleaning. When you do that you’re actually making things worse for yourself. Giving the bathroom counters a daily wipe down and checking the toilets for signs of abuse can save you a whole mess of trouble.

Instead of needing to spend thirty minutes brightening the toilet bowl, if you clean it lightly every other day or so then you are saving yourself the disgusting job of dealing with it once it’s garnered its own state lines.

Also always keep your bathroom air-flowing with top standing fans.

Leave Shoes at the Door

Your shoes bring in a lot of dirt. No matter how cautious you are, you will not know what you have stepped on while walking in town. You will definitely not want to carry the dirt into your home. This is the reason why the shoes you wore to town should not go beyond the main entrance of your home.

Keep a shoe rack at the entrance and keep some “room” shoes on it. When you come inside, you should take off the shoes you wore to town, organize it on the rack and put on some “room” shoes. There should be extra “room” shoes for visitors so that they can also change their footwear when they visit.

When you do this, you will be keeping a lot of dust away from your home. You will not need to clean your floors often to keep it clean, and you can also try our steaming machine too.

Clean As You Go

Clean up spills immediately. When water or any liquid substances spills on the floor and you leave it there for some time before cleaning it, it will leave a dirt mark on the floor.

You should also make it a habit to put things back when you finish using them. Do not create a clatter on your bed, your counter, dinner table, or kitchen sink with the intention of clearing it later. When you use a napkin, put it back. When you visit any part of your home, make sure you leave as neat as it was when you visited.

Sort out your mails when you go for them from the mailbox. It will create a mess if you dump it on one of your tables with the intention of sorting it later. Our best advice is to clean a little bit each day. Don’t let it pile up until you’re overwhelmed. Doing a few small things as you go can really make all the difference.

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