21 Smart Bathroom Deep Cleaning Hacks

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Giving your bathroom the deep clean it deserves is a real chore. Or at least it can be if you don’t have the right information.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Hacks

The good news? There are lots of hacks that make the task easier, and we know loads of them. That in mind, read on for ten hacks that will make cleaning your bathroom a breeze.

1. Lemons are the Best Lemon Scented Cleaning Product

Lemons are the Best Lemon Scented

So many chemical heavy cleaning agents try to embody the smell of lemons. Great, but you know what is better than fake, poisonous lemons? Real, delicious lemons. In addition to zesting up a nice fish dish, lemons can also be used to effectively clean a number of surfaces.

To utilize the power of lemons, you first need to cook them in the microwave for five minutes. After that you can mix the juice with water and baking soda to life grime and give your home a refreshing smell.

2. Let the Shower Head Clean Itself

You can easily lift grime off a shower head with only a plastic bag, some water, and some vinegar. Mix the solution into a bag, then secure the bag to a shower head and let it sit over night. Gross build up will be effortlessly removed and your shower will look good as new by morning.

3. Vinegar Can Be a Pal

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Vinegar is another substance that works great on certain substances. It can’t do everything. If you have iron or wood in your bathroom (you know, for some bizarre reason) you are going to want to keep vinegar far away. It has properties that can be damaging to those materials.

However, vinegar will work well on counter tops or on stainless steel surfaces. This is also a handy hack to keep in mind in the kitchen.

4. Chemical free Floor Cleaning


Did you know that you can clean your floors with just water and heat? Not only that, but you can do it while killing basically 100% of any bacteria present on the scene. Many chemical cleaning agents don’t have that rate of success.

The secret is to use a steam cleaner. There is a startup cost, but most people find it well worth it.

5. Don’t Forget to Steam Your Countertops

Steam Your Countertops

That’s right. You can also use a steam cleaner on countertops. Same principle applies. You need only to enlist the services of an attachment that will help you get up to the level of the counter.

It’s just as effective as chemical sprays, and now you don’t have to spray poison on the same place you keep your toothbrush. Which seems like a smart idea to us.

6. And Your Mirrors

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Mirrors too. Yep. It’s simple, but do be careful. The steam will lift stains, dirt, grime, etc.

7. Oh, and You Can Also Steam Clean Your Toilet Bowl


What? This is getting ridiculous. It’s true though. Steam cleaners are asininely. The porcelain of your toilet falls well within the realm of your average steam cleaners capabilities. Use it in good faith and trust that the grossest part of your home is now as clean as its been since the day it was first installed.

8. And Your Shower Curtain


Goodness. Are we almost done with the steam cleaner yet? This is the last one, we promise. But handy tip? You can use steam cleaners on pretty much anything but wood. And they don’t interact so well with paint either. Those things aside, the steam cleaner is game for anything.

They are actually great at cleaning curtains, drapes etc. If you want things to look nice and pristine.

9. Boiling Water Is Free

Boiling Water Is Free

Boiling water is free, and it also happens to be one of the best ways to keep your drains clear. You can actually use this hack anywhere that you have a drain. Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and (this might be the best one) the shower drain.

Showers are very prone to clogging because of hair, soap scum, etc. A little bit of hot water will clear the problem right up in a snap. Do it once or twice a month for best results.

10. Compressed Air

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Bathroom ceiling fans are very hard to clean. Especially if you don’t want to completely dismantle them. Which you don’t want to do. Why would you? Especially when a compressed air tool can take care of most problems.

Insert the nozzle, and let it roll. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it is extremely cheap.

11. Water Spots Begone


Water spots are the scourge of every bathroom. Which makes sense, you know, because bathrooms are constantly wet. Handy hack? Use lemon juice and a soft rag on water spots to make them go bye-bye.

Basically free, natural, and refreshing.

12. Vinegar and Baking Soda=Equals Fun


You know that old science experiment you used to do in school with vinegar and baking soda? It’s not just good for making a fake volcano. These substances are also handy for keeping your toilet bowl clean.

Pour them in and let the fizzing action wash away your nastiness. You can use this solution in cooperation with the steam cleaner, or all on its lonesome.

13. Organic Odor Eating

Roses Galore

Air fresheners are bad for the environment. They are also bad for the air quality of your home. But, they do have an obvious, and very significant value in the bathroom. Solution? Potpourri. You can make it organically yourself or purchase them at some stores.

No bathroom is clean without clean air, right?

14. No More Weird Toilet Water Puddles

You know how toilet water puddles in the toilet brush container? Sure you do. Its gross, and horrible, and everyone hates it. But what can be done?

Let the brush drip in the toilet! Wedge it between the rim of the bowl, and the seat, and give it a few minutes to dry out. It’s handy, easy, free, and it solves a gross problem.

15. Mildew Begone

If you have found that your shower curtains are suffering from mildew there is an easy solution to that. Throw some baking soda into the next wash cycle and wash the mildew away. It’s quick, easy, and you have everything you need in your pantry already.

16. Increase your air flow


Try to draw your shower curtains towards the middle when you are done with your shadow. It will let the steam circulate outwards and prevent the build up of mold. The best way to fix a problem is to keep it from happening in the first place, right?

17. Baby Oil?

That’s right. Baby oil. It’s handy for babies and it is also handy for the tile in your shower. Applying a layer of baby oil on your bathroom shower is a great way to prevent soap scum from popping up before it ever becomes a problem.

Of course, you will have to do this regularly. Use as needed, but try to do it at least once a month to get the optimal results. You will still get the occasional soap scum buildup, but to a much lesser extent.

18. Baking Soda in the Trashcan?

This is another simple, preventative hack. This one is going to keep the trash in the can from getting nasty. Baking soda has natural odor eating properties. Sprinkling a little bit of baking soda into the mix will help to keep your trash can from smelling too gnarly.

The best part? You can use this hack on almost anything. Even your nasty sneakers.

19. Vacuum Your Tiles

This tip is particularly handy if you are going to use a steam cleaner. Lifting dirt and grime from tile is easy. Collecting it isn’t always so simple.

TO make sure that you get all of the dust, hair, and dirt, you will want to end each cleaning session with a vacuum. Is it absolutely necessary?

No, but it will ensure that your floor is as clean as possible. Be safe when you use a standing-fan in your bathroom.

20. Baking Soda For the Towels Too

What can’t baking soda do? Lots of stuff actually. Most things in fact, if you consider the brought scope of what the word “do” can apply to. But it is a wiz product when it comes to leaning.

The same way baking soda can tidy up mildew in a curtain, it can also take care of mildew in your towels. Bathroom towels can get very grody. Especially when they inevitably wind up wet and bunched up on the floor. (See the tankless heater ones here.)

Baking soda is your friend in those situations.

21. Organic Cleaners

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Last but not least, go organic with your cleaning agents when you can. Non-organic cleaning agents are bad for the environment, and for the health of your family.

Going organic does cost a little bit more, but the benefit it will have to your health is well worth i.


See a hack you love? Let us know. We like to hear when we have been of help to someone trying to tidy up.

Or maybe you have a great hack that we didn’t mention. Even better! Let us know your thoughts about our entire list by drooping a comment down below.

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