9 Reasons Why Cats are Much Better than Men: The Real Truth!

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Ladies, you may not be able to choose “who” you love, but you CAN choose “what” you love. While men are great for a lot of reasons but cats are better. Yes, your man can take you places and buy you lots of gifts (not to mention fix a leaky faucet), but he can’t compare to what a cat can give you. Kitty might shed a bit, but it’s worth the hassle because cats are more loving, loyal and a lot less annoying- and just just the tip of the iceberg. Want to know all the reasons Why Cats are Better than Men? Read on and we’ll tell you:

1. Cats Know When They’re Wrong and Won’t Argue With You

Cats know they are wrong

This picture is the perfect example of how to deal with a pissed-off female. A you can se, the male cat is sitting behind her (at a safe distance) just waiting. He’s not pleading his case or trying to make himself right, he’s just staying quiet until the storm passes. Smart- guys take notes!

2. They Won’t Cheat, At Least, Not With Another Woman

Cats Don't Cheat

Flickr / CC BY 2.0 / deerwooduk

yes, this cat is on the computer, but at least you know he’s not checking out other women. He’s probably watching Tom and Jerry or tweeting Grumpy Cat. He may check out some cats, but never another human- so you never have to compete.

3. They Have A Sense of Humor

They have a sense of Humor

Seriously, how could you look at this picture and not laugh? Cats may seem aloof, but they love to be loved and have a goofy side that will have you laughing when you need it most. Bad day at work? Fight with your man?

Watch your kitty cross it’s eyes or fall off the table. Don’t worry, they always land on their feet. Clean Cats’ hairs with this tool.

4. Cats Are Great Providers – You’ll Never Go Hungry

Cats Are Great Providers

Now no one is saying you WANT mice for dinner, but that doesn’t change the fact that a cat will make sure your always well-fed. Yes, a man might go and buy you dinner, but your cat will hunt and gather, like a caveman. Sorry guys, but that’s way more impressive (a bit gross, but still impressive).

5. Cats Are Highly Intelligent – Even if They Can’t Speak

Cats Are Highly Intelligent

Look at this cat- he’s actually reading the newspaper. Let’s face it, most guys just want to see the sports section, which really limits conversation. Being able to talk about current events, or even the latest episode of Game of Thrones is pure heaven (plus, your cat will agree with whatever you say since speech is non-existent). Which brings me to my next point.

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