Cats vs Balloon Explosion: The Wildest, Funniest Cat Video Yet!

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There are thousands of videos of cats on the internet, but none of them will make you laugh as much as this one featuring Cats against balloon explosions. There’s a war going on and judging by the cats reactions it looks like the balloons are winning. You may think you know what’s going to happen when these cats try to play with (more like destroy) balloons, but trust me, it’s even funnier than you can imagine.

The video has cats of all ages and sizes trying, unsuccessfully, to play with balloons and their reactions when the balloons pop are priceless. There is a kitten that tries to take on a room full of balloons, a cat who thinks it can wrestle a balloon and a group of kittens who think they an outnumber a balloon. There is even an owner who uses a laser pointer to pop balloons and scare his cat.

Each time the balloons pop these cats go running for their lives: they run into walls, they run off tables and they run right out of the room as the owners- and you, laugh. No worries, no cats were harmed making this video- only the balloons didn’t survive.

You will love this video filled with clips of Cats versus balloon explosions. Share this video with your friends so they can laugh too and if you have a funny video of your cat fighting a balloon send it in to us. We’ll share your video so everyone can have a good laugh too.

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