9 Reasons Why Cats are Much Better than Men: The Real Truth!

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6. They Love To Sleep In (Or On Things) On The Weekend

They Love to Sleep In

Wouldn’t you love to sleep in on the weekends with nowhere to rush to, like your boyfriends parent’s house? Well then you in luck because the only thing cats love more than having their backs scratched is sleeping. With a cat you can stay in bed all day, no need to make conversation or worry about how you look. The best part? you can have most of the bed for yourself too!

7. They Are Openly Affectionate

They Are Openly Affectionate

Look at this little romeo here! As you can see cats love to hug and kiss (well, lick, but the way some guys kiss it’s the same thing) and they do it with no strings. You don’t need to compliment kitty, stroke his ego or give affection back. Your cat will shower you with love just because they want to– how great is that?

8. Cats Will Protect You – From Squirrels At The Very Least

Cats Will Protect You

Flickr / CC BY 2.0 / Jamie McCaffrey

They may be small but when they see a threat- whether it’s a bird or a mouse they will go on the attack to protect you (and nab themselves a tasty snack). Yes, some men will do the same, but in my experience guys these days are more likely to hide behind you while you kill a spider than defend you.

9. They Are Big On Grooming- With Or Without Water

They Are Big On Grooming

Look how this cat just jumps in the sink- obviously cleanliness is important to him. Cats are constantly grooming themselves, so you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed that kitty looks “sloppy”.

They say pictures don’t lie and these pictures definitely show Why Cats are Much Better than Men. Cats are not only blessedly silent- no “do I look buff” questions during Sex and The City! they are also low-maintenance. Cats offer the best of both worlds: they will give you attention when you want it and leave you be when you need it.

Do you agree on these Reasons? What would you like to add to this list? Comment Below. Do you have a picture to share showing why cats are superior to men? Send it in- we will feature your cat and his story.

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