You’ll Be Amazed Watching How to exercise with your cats

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Looking for a way to improve your exercise routine at home? Well instead of looking for some new equipment you might want to look down- at your cats! Yes, your furry little friends, the ones who comforts you and makes you laugh can also be great workout tools for you. As you will see in this video, How to exercise with your cats, you can safely use your cats in your daily routine and they will love you for it.

Don’t laugh but its true- you can use your cats to add weight and resistance to your workout routine. Whether you have 1 cat or 2, they can be used to do just about any exercise, from bicep curls and squats to chest presses and ab crunches.

This video takes you through a full exercise regimen, showing you how to incorporate your cats into each move in a way that is safe for them and you. You’ll also see how much fun these cats are having while the instructor gets hos exercise for the day in.

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After watching How to exercise with your cats, you’ll be ready to go and anxious to start working out with your cats. If you have any tips for working out with cats, comment below. Or want to share pics of you and your cats exercising send them to us and we’ll share them with our readers.

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