Meet This Alien Cat- She Is Truly Out Of This World!

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Greetings Earthlings! There’s a new kitty making the rounds of Instagram and it still remains to be seen if she is from our planet. Matilda the Alien Cat has gained notoriety on Instagram thanks to her unique, alien-looking eyes that make her look like she is out of this world.

Even though there is an explanation for her one-of-a-kind look, it’s not stopping her fans from believing all the hype and her popularity is soaring. Truly, there isn’t another cat on this planet that can duplicate her look, making her a rare gem and an instant internet sensation.

All About Matilda

Via Instagram aliencatmatilda

Via Instagram aliencatmatilda

Matilda is a grey and black striped cat with enormous eyes that appear to bulge out of her head and have a slanted, alien shape to them. The reason for their unusual look? Well, in an interview with Reddit Matilda’s owner revealed the furry feline has a rare, eye condition that have caused her lenses to detach and grow. Specialists are unable to explain why this happened, but according to her owner while she has lost most of her eyesight she is in otherwise good health and doesn’t seem to be in pain.

Via Instagram aliencatmatilda

Glad to see that she is “healthy” as a happy Cat.

Who Is Matilda?

Via Instagram aliencatmatilda

Poor Matilda. She looked fine as a normal cat before.

Via Instagram aliencatmatilda

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While having Matilda’s lenses fixed with surgery is an option, right now cat and owner both are trying to learn more about her condition. They are asking anyone, from here or another planet, with any ideas or theories to comment and maybe shed some light on this mysterious condition.

What do you think? Is Matilda an Alien Cat? Do you have any ideas why her eyes look like that? Share your opinions with us.

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