18 Great But Low-Cost Ideas for a Beautiful Backyard

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Desperately want to give your backyard a makeover but don’t want to break the bank? We understand the struggle. Decorating can be tricky. It is easy to splurge a large amount of money, then ending up with a tacky-looking backyard.

Beautiful Backyard Ideas

However, being privy to a few tricks of the trade will ensure that your guests at the next party are praising your backyard without you having spent all your savings.

Light It Up

Tiny lights brightening up your backyard at night give an aesthetic and ethereal look to your backyard. They look good all year round and fit all occasions. Simply adding some light to your backyard gives a festive feeling. The low consumption of electricity is an added bonus.

You can use FX Luminaire incandescent lights, which showcase contemporary ways of aesthetic lighting. Compared to other types of light, these don’t cost much, and there are various ways to mix and match them with different kinds of lights you have installed in your yard. In addition, the designs for each bulb and its repository have also improved over time. As a result, it achieves good results in beautifying your garden at a low and efficient cost.

Hang multicolored lights from trees or shrubs or attach them to fences or furniture or a garden arbor for a glowing backyard. Alternatively, you can use solar fairy lights for an eco-friendly option.

Recycle your spare Mason jars and place some fairy lights inside the jar. Let it charge in the sun during the day and provide an ambient atmosphere in the evening.

DIY Planters

Planters make a beautiful addition to your garden and also take up less space compared to flower beds. You can make planters from anything. Your imagination is the limit.

A fun and low-cost DIY planter can be made from tires. All you need to do is style or paint the tire the way you want and then, hang or set the tire where you want it. Then, put some soil and plants in the casing and your tire planter is ready.

You can also make planters from old pots and pans, which have a sturdy texture to last long in the sun. Paint your pot and drill a few drainage holes in the bottom.

Another option is to reuse old wheelbarrow as a planter. Simply repaint the wheelbarrow, add some soil, seeds, and plants. and your backyard will have a rustic look that your guests will appreciate.

You can also color your planters with glow-in-the-dark paint for a perfect summer night look.

Frame Your Plants On Walls

Is the wall in your backyard looking drab and dull? Well, you will be surprised at how this unique idea will set your backyard apart from others. This is a simple and affordable project that will make a great addition to your backyard.

You will only need some picture frames, chicken wire, paint, and succulents to fill the frames.

Make It Colorful

A colorful backyard will make your home look lively even if it’s sparsely furnished. Plant baby pink snapdragons or red Kochia Scoparia grass to add eye-catching colors to your backyard. You can also choose to brighten your flower beds with red or black mulch as an inexpensive option.

If you are feeling creative, build a hanging greenhouse from wooden pallets and place your tiny plants and herbs in the wooden planters on the wall. A 2-in-1 hose holder and planter wooden box is also a creative project to work on.

Shape Up Your Lawn

If you want maximum results from minimum effort, shaping your lawn is a great way to get started. It is quite easy, and you can finish it with Las Vegas tree and garden care services within an afternoon.

Simply choose a shape (such as a circle or a square) and mark it out with a string. Then, cut away the excess grass with a spade.

Liven Up Your Patio

Turn a grubby patio into a gathering spot for the next reunion with an outdoor rug and some colorful oversized cushions. Choose a rug with patterns on both sides so that you can flip the rug when it decolorizes in the sun.

Place your planters on the patio and recycle old furniture with a new coat of paint (choose bright colors like blue, green, etc.) and add some indoor accessories, like a coffee table. This way, you will create a cozy corner you can retreat to during lazy afternoons.

Recycle Your Plastic Bottles

Cut off the top of used drinking bottles and fill them with gravel, then soil, followed by plants of your choice. This eco-friendly option will not only add color to your garden but are also very easy to make.

Convert an Old Cabinet into a Potting Table

Reuse your old cabinet as a potting table by applying a new coat of paint. Put compost, pots, insecticides, and seeds in the drawers and add hooks on the side to hang tools and towels. This easy all-in-one access to gardening tools will save you from multiple visits to the shed and will also be a stunning addition to the backyard.

Paint the Fence

Oftentimes, the reason behind a drab-looking backyard is the fence. Repainting your fence will solve this problem. Choose a paint that is made for outdoor use and opt for a vivid, bold color instead of the usual ash and brown shades.

If you have spare wooden boards or pieces, try building flower boxes and place the flower or herb pots in them. Use spray paint to paint the boxes with colors of your choice. However, be careful to lessen the mess of spraypainting by starting with the boxes first and then paint the fence.

Alternatively, after you have finished painting, hang a few mirrors in the fence to make your backyard look bigger.

Create a Bird Feeder

Birds bring life to any backyard with their melodious songs and occasional mischief. It has been scientifically proven that the sounds of birds lower stress and fatigue and reduce anxiety.

A birdhouse with a bird feeder will add a vintage feeling to your yard and be a safe refuge for these cheery little beings.

DIY Pond

This can also function as a birdbath and gives a sense of ambiance. Create an Oriental-style pond by digging a hole in the garden. Protect the bottom with a pond liner and hide it using pebbles and rocks. Then, fill it with water.

Try Creating Wall Murals

If you are quite confident of your artistic abilities, then put them to good use by transforming an old brick wall in your garden with a few tins of paint or spray cans.

Add Charm with a Garden Arbor

An intricately designed steel arbor will give any backyard a classy, timeless look. Enhance the elegance with a trellis and hanging vines along with the post and beams.

Build a Tree Swing

Relax with a book and a cup of tea on a warm afternoon in a tree swing. They are quite simple to create and will make an exciting addition to the yard for kids to play on.

Reuse an old chair to make the seat and wrap the ropes with some fake flowers for a storybook feel.

Stepping Stone Walkway

This is an inexpensive but profitable investment that will create a beautiful garden path. Alternatively, you can also use leftover bricks and place them in a bed of gravel in a pattern of your choice.

You can also opt for a gravel path. Mark your area and remove the loose soil, then place a permeable membrane to prevent the growth of weeds. Now, spread the gravel over it. Choose pale gravel or contrast with your plants.

Tree Stump Décor

Natural elements, such as stone and wood, can make your outdoor space even more close to nature. They are also less expensive and can fit in any outdoor area.

For instance, tree stumps may be used as side tables or patio tables. Paint them with your favorite colors to add some flair.

Keep Bugs Away with Style

Reuse old wine bottles by filling them with citronella oil and make tiki torches out of them to work as a mosquito repellent. Another option is to use lemongrass for the same effect, which also makes a beautiful addition to your potted plants.

Entertainment for Kids

Pools are an expensive option as well as space-consuming. A substitute may be a DIY splash pad for the kids to spend their afternoon. Moreover, you can also create a set-up for kickball croquet from pool noodles or hang a tarp between two trees with holes made in it for target practice.

Additional options include placing glow sticks in the water bottles for a game of skittles at night time.


Landscaping can be an expensive business, which is why many of us may be reluctant to renovate our backyards. However, with these ideas and knowledge of the right tricks, you’ll be able to transform your backyard without emptying your wallet.

Even tiny adjustments can make a huge impact on the appearance of your backyard. So, keep your mind open to ideas, and Happy Decorating!

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