15 Granite Kitchen Island Design Ideas

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There are plenty of kitchen Island designs to choose from, including limestone, marble, quartz, stainless steel, concrete, and solid surface. One of the better choices (although not perfect, since quartz is now considered much more desirable) has usually always been granite. Not only does it look great to the naked eye, but with proper care, it’s also quite durable. It is scratch resistant to the point where your knives will become blunt if you ever think about challenging this material.

Caring Granite Countertops

As a matter of fact, granite is incredibly resistant to heat that is able to take withstand temperatures of up to 1200°C, which could even give a hot pan recently taken from the stove. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the incredible granite kitchen island ideas that we like to share with you in this post.

1.   Durable Granite Square Top

For an old-fashioned, rustic approach, we recommend going for a kitchen island that comes with a durable granite squared top. The wooden base is accompanied by a cabinet suitable for storing any of your essential kitchen items. It has the kind of elegant and traditional aesthetic that suitable for any kind of house.

2.   Breakfast Bar

The kitchen island with granite top and breakfast bar is ideal for both families and single households. The arrangement is pretty cozy and lets everyone in their seats witness the magic going on in the kitchen. And because granite is quite durable, it makes cleaning up relatively easier with less effort involved in giving it a shiny polish. Your kitchen island with granite top and breakfast bar will require some resealing, though, so keep that in mind.

3.   White Is the Way to Go

Nothing speaks minimalist and chic the kitchen with a virtually complete white makeover. Putting on a kitchen island with granite countertop built out of pure, polished stone, and paired with white kitchen cabinets encapsulates the entire room with peace, serenity, and excitement.

4.   Blonde Wood Kitchen Island

When you desire a kitchen island that is sophisticated without coming off too cold, you go with the black Brandon and blonde wood combo like the one in the downtown New York apartment of well-known hairstylist John Barrett. And when partnered with an elegant vintage French steel chair, the entire setup exudes even more sophistication.

5.   Granite Gray Workshops

Gray is a pretty neutral color, which also brings a sense of class and luxurious charm especially in the form of granite gray workshops. Even the wooden cabinets have been splashed with an alluring gray tone that one cannot do justice in mere words. To give it more life, you can include a wooden dining set.

6.   Home/Commercial Bar Style

Here’s a really good home/commercial bar with a granite top that is just too picturesque not to include in this list. It comes with a granite top of a solid, neutral color. It also features cozy barstools that come with backs as well as a practical sink.

7.   Two Countertops

Kathleen Walsh’s opted for two countertops; the watershed-finished walnut countertop adds warmness to the breakfast bar area whereas the Vermont White Quartzite served as preparation. A mishmash of materials divides the large central granite kitchen island so that each of its functions can be defined.

8.   Minimalist Modernism

The attractive countertop with this kitchen island collectively brings function and form along with a simple cabin and peace and a rectangular countertop. Instead of just replacing the entire countertop, work something out with the contractor and designer will be able to make cabinetry that complements the granite countertop.

9.   Luxurious Kitchen with White Cabinetry

In this incredibly luxurious and expansive kitchen, the kitchen island is contrasting quite sharply, sporting a beige granite countertop and black stained wood construction. The kitchen island features a microwave made of stainless steel, along with a curved countertop expanse that offers sufficient dining room for a couple of wooden bar stools.

10. Country-Themed Kitchen Island with a Wooden Surface

A countertop made out of hardwood is some of the finest kitchen island materials available for its utility and style, in spite of its restricted appearances. A country-themed kitchen island includes a rustic- that comes with hazy green cabinetry that looks as though it’s dated and contrasts with the rich and sleek stained wood countertop.

11.  Kitchen Island with a Sink

This type of kitchen island sits in a large open-plan space that phases into a living room without much notice. This enormous black stained wooden kitchen island includes several cupboards and drawers. The big white basin sink is built on top of a light granite countertop, whereas the rest of it stretches along to offer some in-kitchen dining on the other end.

12. Classic Black and White

When designer Kirsten Marshall at the idea of refurbishing a kitchen island, she wanted to make it feel like it was part of its previous home. The countertop – made from Statuario Marble – doubles as a dining area for a five-member family and is also a dual-function prep. That comes with a 3-inch mitered straight edge. On the other end, the perimeter counters are made from the Raven quartz material that can be found at Caesarstone, comes with a mitered straight edge of half an inch. Speaking of quartz, Caesarstone features an article in which this material reigns supreme over granite.

13. Outdoor Grill Kitchen

Nobody said that granite ideas have to be restricted simply for indoors. As a matter of fact, the shine and durability of this material are ideal for outdoor purposes, specifically when it comes to the grill. Usually, sharp utensils, grease, smoke, and hot flames would do away with countertops made from lesser durable materials, but that’s not the case with granite. See other Kitchen Appliances in our Appliances Category.

14.  Brazilian Blue Stone

Architect Ben Herzog, when collaborating with interior designer Elizabeth Cooke-King, included a big, light-laden kitchen for his Brooklyn townhouse. To add a bit of dramatic flair for the schedule, both members opted for the Brazilian Bluestone Azul Macauba, to go with the white Shaker-style cabinets.

15.  Luxury Real Estate Home Kitchen

For this dark-hued kitchen, a sharp contrast has been made between the marriage of matching-tone granite countertops and dark floor tiling against the rich wood cabinetry. The island comes with a two-tier design and old-fashioned glass door cabinetry with an upper rich wooden level that is reserved only for one’s dining needs.

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