How to Clean Kitchen Countertops

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It’s important to keep your kitchen worktops clean and sanitary so harmful contaminants, which can make you sick, don’t enter your food. Real dirt is visible, but bacteria isn’t, so you really need to scrub your kitchen to prevent your family and guests from getting sick. Here are some tips to help you keep your kitchen clean and ready for food prep at all times.

how to clean kitchen countertops

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel worktops are shiny and beautiful and can last a long time if you know how to take care of them properly. They seem easily cleaned, but they require a gentle touch as they can get scratched easily. Use a baking soda on a soft, wet cloth to prevent scratching, and never use steel wool on this surface.


The most natural of kitchen worktops materials is wood. This can be difficult to keep sanitary, though. Wood can get damaged easily, so you need to make sure spills are cleaned up immediately to prevent staining.

Put some white vinegar, warm water, and dishwashing liquid into a spray bottle and clean wood surfaces at least daily. Once a month, rub the surface with mineral oil to protect it from moisture. If your wood worktops have absorbed odours from onions, garlic, or other strong-smelling food, rub them with a lemon cut in half, slice side down.


Marble is a porous material, so it needs to be sealed to prevent damage. It can also stain easily, so spills should be wiped up immediately to prevent permanent staining. Avoid abrasive cleansers and opt instead for a soft, moistened cloth and borax. Hydrogen peroxide is also a good alternative for cleaning stains.


Tile is very easy to keep clean, and it can also withstand heat from pots and pans placed directly on it. The grout in between the tiles is the problem. Grout can stain and crack easily and needs regular maintenance. Use a toothbrush to clean between tiles and add bleach to remove mildew.


Quartz worktops are so easy to clean as they don’t require any special sealing. Quartz worktops don’t stain and don’t need abrasive cleansers to make them shine. You need to use only a soft cloth, hot water, and dishwashing liquid.

Make sure you follow our tips, so you don’t damage your kitchen worktops, and you can use them for many years to come.

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