21 Fresh & Fun DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

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If you are updating your home, one room that is sure to give away your fixer-upper status is the bathroom. Bedrooms, hallways, and even closets are easy to give a quick updated look. Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom requires a bit more work. Which typically means a bit more money. This is when I turn to DIY projects! A simple, DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas search can lead you to some of the most creative ideas.

DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

DIY Bathroom Decorating Ideas

  1. A Bathroom With a Ladder

Courtesy of Funky Junky Interiors 

We are starting big and going small. I love this ladder because it does two things. First, it creates some beautiful floor to ceiling storage. Second, it is such a statement piece! Especially difficult to do in a bathroom!


  1. Over The Toilet Storage

Via Ana White

If you like the idea but you are working with limited space, try the same ladder concept but over a toilet. Great statement piece while utilizing all the space available!

  1. Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

DIY Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf tutorial @diyshowoff

Courtesy of DIY Showoff

Leave your phone here so it doesn’t drop in the toilet! Add a candle, some potpourri, or small plant. It is a quick and easy way to add some beauty to what is traditionally an eyesore.

  1. DIY Toilet Paper Holder

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

From Design Lovefest

Lose the shelf and go for just plain pretty toilet paper! Again, toilet paper display options often bring the value of a bathroom down, so don’t neglect this space!

  1. Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

turning a drapery holdback into a toilet tissue holder

Courtesy of Our Fifth House

If your bathroom has a rustic feel to it, this will keep with that shabby chic theme. Plus, with some wall stickers, you can avoid putting nails in the wall! Win-Win!

  1. Mason Jar Tissue Holder

DIY MASON JAR TISSUE HOLDERS - Make the CUTEST "Tissue Boxes" out of MASON JARS! These make fantastic gifts!

From Landeelu

Keeping with that rustic theme, make sure all your product fall in line! This is a cute way to utilize those mason jars we love so much as well as making sure your family and guests are always equipped with a clean tissue!

  1. DIY Updated Tile

Courtesy of Snugglebug University

I love this DIY because this is the only blogger I saw utilizing this idea! I have white tile and the last thing I want to do is make my bathroom a huge project by removing all the tile. With just a bit of creativity, you can update the space! I was shook at how easy it is!

  1. DIY Your Sink Color


Courtesy of It All Started With Paint

Want to replace the tile AND the sink? We got you covered. This DIY’er shows you how to bring life back to your sink by painting over it!

  1. Frame a Mirror

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror
Via Cherished Bliss

No tile, but you have a plain mirror. Add some wood with your favorite stain. I first saw this and thought, ‘no way’. Turns out it is not as difficult as you would think!

  1. Butcher Block Vanity

how to build a butcher block vanity
From Beneath My Heart

If you are looking to really revitalize your bathroom, have you considered redoing your entire vanity? Not for the faint of heart, but I think we can all agree. This vanity is beautiful!

  1. Master Bath Wood Vanity


From The Space Between

If it is a master bathroom you are redoing, go for this adorable dual sink! A bit easier since the design is very simple, but what makes it great are the decorations around it, bringing it to life!

  1. DIY Concrete Sink

SERIOUSLY AMAZING! DIY vanity update using a concrete overlay without spending much money. I can't wait to try this!

Courtesy of Designer Trapped

Again, this is one of those projects I sighed at how difficult it would be, but give the directions a look over and you will find it is so much more simple than it sounds.

  1. Airstone Your Tub

adding quarter round on top

From Lovely Crafty Home

This project is perfect for those looking to combine multiple elements or add a nice touch of nature. It does both beautifully and can turn your bathroom into an oasis!

  1. DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

From Shanty-2-chic

Who doesn’t love a piece that serves multiple purposes? Incorporate tons of storage and a full-length mirror in any space!

  1. DIY Bathroom Mirror Cabinet


Courtesy of Beautiful Matters

This is keeping with the same idea from number 14, but a lot less work and perfect for those smaller spaces.

  1. Pineapple Bath Mat

Image result for pineapple bath mat dream green diy

Via Dream Green DIY

I love this for a kids bathroom! It is so creative and you can incorporate the idea for multiple designs, like a princess crown or sports car.

  1. DIY Towel Rug

Towel Bath Rugs DIY

Via Fine Craft Guild

This is for the adult that cannot seem to keep water in the tub or shower. A towel rug is super absorbent, inexpensive, and easy!

  1. Wine Cork Bath Mat

DIY Wine cork bath mat
Crafty Nest

If you are not fighting to keep the water in the tub, go for a fancy bathmat, like a cork mat! It is so pretty, nonslip, and just feels nice under your feet! See more steam-cleaning gadgets here.

  1. DIY Botanical Shower Buddy

Picture of Botanical Shower Buddy
From Instructables

I have two things in every room of my home, a plant and a candle. They add life, fresh scents, and beautiful pops of color. So the idea of incorporating a plant that will thrive in steamy bathrooms gave me life!

  1. Repurposed Candle Jars

How To Repurpose Candle Jars
Courtesy of Mommy Suite

That other item my home cannot live without? Lots of candles means I have a ton of candle holders. I can send them to be recycled, or I can recycle them myself! Perfect for those smaller bathroom items, like Q-tips and bobby pins.

  1. DIY Shower Bottles

diy pretty shampoo bottles via almost makes perfect

Almost Makes Perfect

This one is more for the organization but it is a pretty DIY as well. I use this to help manage my shampoo bottle usage. If I don’t I get carried away, and next thing I know, my various bathroom products have taken over the entire shower. Also check out the tankless heater for your bathroom to save up some space.

Did you enjoy the list? DIYing your bathroom gives you the flexibility to personalize on a budget and constantly reinvent your personal space! Let us know what you think in the comments and share it with a friend who would find this useful!

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