BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes vs Electrolux Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer Comparison Reviews

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Are you tired of spending hours ironing your clothes, only to end up with stubborn wrinkles and creases? If so, you’re not alone! Many homeowners struggle with this issue on a daily basis.

Ironing is such a hassle. Filling up the iron itself, setting up a 40-year-old, cumbersome ironing board, all the folding and manipulating that has to be done. And don’t even think about making a mistake. How about a worry-free steam cleaning experience from the best garment and fabric steamer that you can find and not having to worry about any of those that?

Best Garment and Fabric Steamer for Clothes

Our Top Pick

If you want to know the top rated garment steamer out there, look no further because it’s the Steamfast Fabric Steamer. Living up to the “elite” name, this steamer has a 40 ounce tank but heats up in less than a minute. Beyond that, it does just about every marvelous thing you could ask for from a steamer.

Why Use A Garment Steamer?

If you have always used an iron and never even thought about or known about a steamer, let us open your eyes to the possibility with a few benefits:

  • Ease of Use: While, traditionally, most people think of using an iron, it’s not even close to as simple as using a fabric steamer. Just hang the clothing item and run the steamer over it.
  • Faster: All of the ridiculous steps it takes to iron something make it take way too long. Normally, when you are ironing your fancy clothes, you have a lot going on already so ironing is a hassle. Steaming will get your clothing done much quicker.
  • Professional Clean: Steam cleaning is a respected way of cleaning your clothes. Most people pay for a nice steam cleaning – but why do that when you can just do it yourself in your own home?

The Top 5 Garment and Fabric Steamers for Clothes: Which one is the Best?

1. BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover

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Steamfast will give you that cheap and easy option you are looking for. Their product is made for getting done what you need to be done due to its characteristics like:

Lightweight Motor and Water Tank

Sometimes bigger might not be better. If you think you won’t need more than 45 minutes of continuous steam (which is a lot), then this garment steamer may be your choice. You’ll find that this more agile option comes at a cheaper price which may be two things you think are perfect for you.

Fastest Heat Up Time

This steamer can be heated up and ready to go in just 45 seconds. Other steamers will tell you they will be ready in a minute or two – but Steamfast is ready when you are.

Accessories, Accessories

This package includes a telescopic pole, clothing hook, and attachable fabric brush. These tools will help you get the most out of your steaming so that you can get the best clean while still being easy on the fabrics of your clothes.

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2. Rowenta Compact Garment Steamer

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This last steamer is certainly not the least because it is loaded with features. Rowenta clearly took their time to make an awesome steamer which you can see in characteristics like:

XL Water Tank

The biggest tank on our list is right here at 81 ounces. You’ll get more than an hour of steam if you fill up before you start. The 1500 watt motor will keep things nice and hot so that you can get all of your steaming done.

All the Necessary Attachments

The hanger you’ll need for your steaming is built into this product and you can use the included clips to keep your garments right where you want them. The steam head that’s included is also great because of its widespread so you can cover a large surface area. Other notable items include a crease attachment, fabric brush, and lint pad.

Super Easy to Use

This steamer is really convenient due to its foot operated on and off switch. No need to bend down and find a button if you need to take a pause. Also, the wheels on the base of this model will make things easy to move around when you need it.

3. PurSteam Garment Steamer (Best Fabric Steam for Travalers)

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As we mentioned, this is our favorite pick for your steaming needs. It’s great for a ton of reasons but here are our top three details as to what makes this steamer so awesome:

Quick Steam Generation

This machine gets the steam pumping in under 60 seconds. That means if you have a quick job to do, you won’t be needing to sit around to wait for your garment to get cleaned.

Steaming Duration

The huge 61-ounce tank on this otherwise compact machine can get you up to a full hour of steaming. Those times when you have been putting off the ironing are now no problem with this machine.

5 Year Warranty

The best of PurSteam’s competitors will only get you a one year warranty – but PurSteam believes in their product and know that they can give you a FIVE-year warranty. That’s the kind of warranty that you normally get on cars!

4. PureSteam XL High-Powered Standing Fabric Steamer

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The next product we have up for grabs is this clothes steamer from Pure Enrichment. You’ll be feeling – yes – enriched once you start using this product due to its features like:

1500 Watts of Steaming

The powerful heater in this item gets the water warmed up and coming out of the steaming head quick. In fact, you can be steaming in as little as 45 seconds. Bet you can’t say that about setting up an ironing board and filling up an iron.

60 Minutes of Continuous Steaming

The water tank holds half a gallon so you can get all that steaming power for longer than you would probably ever need.

All Accessories Included

We’re willing to bet that you didn’t get an ironing board with your iron purchase, huh? Well, good thing with a fabric steamer you get everything you could need. The garment hanger and fabric brush attachments come along with the steamer itself so you will be all set up to steam on day one.

5. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer

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Looking for a heavy duty option? Look no further than the J-2000. This steamer really packs a punch and you’ll understand its true power when you see its features like:

Solid Brass Heating Element

This steamer will get nice and hot using its 1300 watt power source. And it will do it quickly with just a two-minute wait. That may be slower than a few other options but this steamer also boasts a one and a half hour steaming time – something that competitors don’t.

Over 5 Feet of Hose

Make sure that you can have maximum flexibility by looking at those hose lengths. Jiffy’s steamer will have the longest one and will end with a six-inch head that is perfect for directing your steaming power.

3 Year Warranty

Jiffy knows they make a pristine product so they back it with a full three-year warranty on manufacturer errors. A company can only do this if they believe in their product so you know that your Jiffy steamer is going to work for years on years.

What to Consider when Buying a Steam Cleaner?

As always, there can seem to be a lot to consider with a purchase. However, we’re here to make things easier by giving you a few things to think about as you go to buy your own steamer:


Of course, cash is king. The steam will always be the same and get your clothes looking brand new. So, you have to figure out what features you are willing to pay for – and which ones you aren’t.

Tank Capacity

Bigger can be better – but it can also be worse. If you want a more maneuverable steamer than you will want to get one with a smaller sized tank. But this comes with the trade-off of not getting to use your clothes steamer as long as you would probably like. Think about this while you are pondering these models.


Most garment steamers will come with the common attachments that you would want to be able to use. However, be mindful and make sure that you are getting the tools that you would want to use with your clothes-steamer purchase.


Steamers are often durable but having a warranty never hurt anything, right? If you desire a warranty, make sure that you get one.

Upgrade your Hot Water Cleaning

Ironing is outdated and old-fashioned. And, what’s worse, it’s just plain inefficient considering how important your time is. The best garment and fabric steamer options are all right here for your consideration so you don’t have to struggle with ironing ever again.

The PurSteam Garment Steamer is our favorite choice for a variety of reasons but, really, all of these cltohes steamers are outstanding options. Pick one up today so you never have to endure the hassle of ironing again.

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