5 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home

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Most of us are good at keeping our homes relatively tidy and if you’re reading an article about deep cleaning, you probably care enough about cleanliness that you remember to do your laundry before things start to go moldy.

Ways to Deep Clean Your Home

However, we all have parts of our homes that never seem to get the loving treatment that our daily dishes do, although this is understandable. Nobody has the time to keep every inch of their home spotless at all times, but you might have your eye on a few hard to reach places that never seem to get any maintenance. Here are some ways you can deep clean your home to get to the issues and places that might be either forgotten or may cause deeper issues if left too long.

Home Deep Cleaning Ideas:

Pressure Washing

When it comes to spring cleaning, the focus is almost entirely on the interior of our homes – bathrooms, pantry cupboards and under the bed (where you’ll find that sweater you lost in 2017). The exterior of our houses is usually left untouched, unmaintained and forgotten. A good move to make if you want to freshen up your home is to clean up the soot, grime and potential mold built up on the outside of your home with a pressure washer.

Keep in mind that pressure washing is best left to the professionals, since inexperience may lead to you causing damage to certain parts of your home. If this is something your home needs, look for great pressure washing companies like Judge Mobile Wash to get the job done for you without any risks.

Pest Control

Even if you don’t think you have a pest problem, there’s a large chance that you have some form of creepy-crawly (or even a furry creature) making its home in your personal sanctuary. Pests are not only annoying and gross but can be potentially dangerous if they’re carrying any diseases into your bathroom, pantry or even your bed. If you suspect there might be creatures contributing to the grime in your home, it’s best not to leave it to chance – contact pest control to get the issue sorted out and make sure the hygiene in your home is uncompromised.

Carpet Cleaner

Over time, your carpets and rugs can accumulate some pretty nasty grime. Think of all the years of spilt food and pet hair that has been trampled into the very fibre of your carpets – not a pleasant thought. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned about once every year or two is a good idea to make sure you’re taking good care of your home and prioritising cleanliness at the same time.

Some people stand by hiring professional carpet cleaners to ensure that the job is done properly, but renting out carpet cleaning equipment and doing it yourself might better suit your budget and time requirements. Ensure that you do some research and make an informed decision before attempting any DIY projects on your home – cleaning related or otherwise.

Smaller Tasks

Other deep-cleaning tasks around your home are less likely to require professional assistance. Think of things like tackling mould around your shower, deep cleaning inside your oven, microwave and dishwasher and cleaning the upholstery on your sofas. You might want to take a serious look at your pantry, fridge and freezer and get rid of anything that’s expired, stale or may have even accumulated weevils over time. The same can be said for medicine cabinets and beauty or hygiene products.

Taking a day to do some serious cleaning up behind your furniture and doing the bigger tougher jobs will go a long way in preserving the life span of your possessions and keeping your home clean, tidy and safe.


They always say that prevention is better than cure – the sentiment works both in medicine and home maintenance. Taking some time out of your schedule regularly to dust your surfaces and windowsills, sweep the floors (even in the hard to reach places) and wipe down your appliances, will alleviate the need for big and intense deep cleaning sessions since there won’t be any gunk and grime built up in those places. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule and staying on top of tasks and chores will make the process far easier and your future self will thank you.

Final Thoughts

If your home is feeling a little lackluster and you’re at your wits end with feeling dirt all around you, employing some elbow grease and investing in some professional help to deep clean certain areas in your home is well worth the money and time.

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