How to Steam Clean Your Home the Right Way

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Steam cleaning isn’t only good for killing dirt and germs. It is also one of the best ways to kill dangerous microorganisms which are hard to slay through other methods.

How to steam clean your home

There are lots of ways to steam clean your home. However, today we will reveal how to deep clean your home the right way. After following our advice, you will be confident that your home is clean on a microscopic level as well.

We promise!

Steam Cleaning 101

Before we move any further, let’s make sure you know exactly what ‘Steam Cleaning’ is and why you should use it.

Steam cleaning devices take ordinary water and heat it in their boiler compartment to a temperature of 300o Fahrenheit. This level of temperature forms a low moisture or steam vapor. This vapor not only provides a deep cleaning but kills all kinds of bacteria and germs that can make you and your family sick or worse.

The beauty of steam cleaning is that the mist can reach areas you may not otherwise get to, like spots on the ceiling, inside air vents and in tiny crevices where germs can breed. Oh, and it’s also an ideal alternative to chemical cleaning methods.

Steaming Cleaning – General Tips

Now that you have an idea why a steam cleaner is a good investment, let’s look at some general tips to make buying and using one easier:

Respect the Unit: Make sure to read, study, and understand the specifications of the cleaner you choose so you pick the one that is right for your household. Also, use it for only what it is designed to do. Attach tools properly and unplug it before refilling or changing the water.

Use the Steamer Wisely: Never direct steam plants or other items that cannot take moisture or heat and use secure temperature variations on glass or sensitive materials. In addition, steam is not recommended on freshly painted or polished surfaces. Finally, avoid using it on antiques, as they have the type of finishes that can’t take the heat.

How to Steam Clean a Carpet

While there are lots of places you can use a steam-cleaner, let’s start with the most important area, the carpet, since all kind of dirt and debris get stuck deep in carpet fibers.

  • Deep Clean: First and foremost, before you steam clean you need to vacuum!  Most people think that carpet steaming works like a vacuum which is not true at all. The purpose of vacuum is utterly different, as it is used to suck up particles, so vacuum in two directions so that each side of the fiber gets cleaned. Once the carpet is vacuumed, it will be easier for the steam mop to get the ground-in dirt out of your carpet.
  • Spot Clean: Next, use stain removers on specific spots. Stubborn stains are hard to suck up, so try to use a natural stain remover from a professional company if you can to remove embedded stains.
  • Steam: Once that is all done, grab your cleaner now and start from the corner and slowly work yourself out of the room. If you have more than one entrance, you have a freedom regarding where to start.

After cleaning the carpet, make sure that no one walks on it for some time. Since most carpets take 6-8 hours to dry. You can use fans to dry the carpet out faster.

How to Steam Clean Couch?

The couch is where you and your loved ones relax, making it the second most important thing you need to learn how to clean. Steam cleaning removes the dirt and stains that make a couch look dull. Besides, regular steam cleaning can extend the life of the couch and keep it looking new longer.

But before you start, ask yourself: can your couch handle a steam cleaner? Some couches are made of a very thin outer fabric, which means high heat and temperatures can damage the fabric. That’s why you should check your couches care instruction; If you’re not sure, use a mild steam cleaner just to be on the safe side.

  • Set the Temperature: If there is a heat setting on the steamer, use the one that is more compatible with your couch’s outer fabric. This will ensure the safety of couch and ensure it won’t cause any damage.
  • Take Apart the Couch: Next, take off your couch’s cushions and clean the fabric on both sides, top to bottom motion. Repeat this step with all the cushions and let them dry for a few hours.
  • Steam the Frame: After that, start cleaning the couch. Move the steamer over the small sections. And, spend 30-50 seconds on each section to ensure proper and deeper cleansing.

If the stains are solid and stubborn, it’s better to call professionals. They perceive how to return a couch to its former beauty, without causing any kind of damage.

How to Steam Clean Curtains

Will it damage your curtains? The answer is ‘No’. People usually don’t try steam cleaning on curtains as they feel they are made of a fine and sensitive material. And while that is true, it’s important to realize they can be done with mild methods and settings.

In fact, it is important to steam clean curtains if you want to make your home look clean.

Curtains withstand cold, heat, dirt, and direct sunlight. In reality, they require cleaning more than any other furniture in your home. On the whole, they attract a lot of allergens and dust, so they need special care to stay vibrant and clean.

You can steam clean curtain in three steps:

• Start from the top and work your way down the curtain.

• If they start to become wet, hold the cleaner a bit farther away.

• If they aren’t made from heavy material, use mild settings.

Once you clean the one side, stand on the other side and repeat the process. You have to ensure that both sides of the curtain have been treated. Furthermore, if the curtains aren’t properly cleaned, consider using the higher heat settings in the future. See some models like PureClean XL and Shark Genius for inspiration.

Concluding Thoughts

In order to steam clean your home, there are lots of other things you can do. For example, you can steam clean floor, freshen up beds, defrost the freezer, and even steam clean your car. The beauty of steam cleaning is it’s versatile and without chemicals. The surfaces are cleaner and dry faster than when cleaned with water.

According to experts, the best thing about this cleaning process is it doesn’t leave behind allergy-inducing residues on the surfaces. For that reason, steam cleaning home is safer for children and allergy sufferers.

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