The Amazon Echo 3rd Generation vs Echo Dot (2020): 2 Life Changing Products – Which Echo is Better?

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If you don’t have an Amazon Echo already, you really don’t know what you are missing out on. These handy devices are staples of my home and the homes of millions of other families, and there is a good reason for it. They are convenient, fun, and, very simply put, cool.

Compare Echo 2 and Echo Dot

But for awesome as Amazon’s Echo products are, they aren’t all the same. There are a few different devices that they currently have on the market, and today we will be taking an in-depth look at two of them to help you decide which is right for your family. Read on for a guide to the Echo 2nd generation VS. the Echo Dot.

Our Pick

We are going to take a look at both of these products in the proceeding paragraphs, but if you would like a spoiler, I am personally a little bit more fond of the Echo 2nd Generation. Don’t get me wrong these are both really great gadgets, but the Echo 2nd Generation just benefits from a few more features.

Hey, that’s just my opinion. You can decide for yourself as we take a look at these truly game-changing products.

Which Echo is Better for me? Echo 2 or Echo Dot?

Echo (3rd Gen – 2019 Model)

You will, of course, recall that the Echo 2nd generation is my favorite of the two products that we will be looking today. It is one of my family’s favorite gadgets and my guess is that if you decide to pick one up it will be a favorite in your home as well. Let’s take a look at the features so that we can find out.


The 3nd generation Echo offers a pretty sharp improvement on many of the features that made the first generation so beloved. Not only have the speakers been upgraded but you are also getting a plethora of design options that allow you to choose from a wide variety of different fabrics so that the device will complement the décor of your home.

These design options aren’t necessarily the most important factor in making your ultimate buying decision, but they are certainly a nice touch.


At this point, Amazon’s Alexa service probably does not need an introduction, but just to refresh your memory, Alexa is the voice controlled component of all of Amazon’s Echo products. If you’ve never used it before, it’s really cool.

You can use Alexa to play music, make phone calls, and set alarms. If you have other home automation devices, you will also often be able to sync them up with Alexa so that you can enjoy even more comprehensive voice control over your home.

It’s Smart

Another great thing about the Echo 2nd generation is that it is always getting smarter. When a new app or service becomes big, you can count on the Echo one way or another incorporating access to them in its services. For example, as of recently you can now control your television, order a pizza, or even call for an Uber using Alexa.

Thanks to the Echo’s ability to learn you can be comfortable in the fact that your device is always benefitting from the most up to date technology.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen (2019) – The Smallest Speaker in the Echo Family

While the Echo Dot is not quite as fully loaded as the Echo 2nd Generation it is nevertheless a great product that will make an excellent addition to your home if you decide to pick it up. Let’s now take a look at the features of this device to see how they stack up with your needs.


Naturally, the Echo Dot also benefits from Alexa’s services. You are going to be able to play music, control your television, make phone calls, and, in short, enjoy the same benefits from Alexa that you will get from any other Echo product.


One of my favorite things that is true of both of these devices, actually, is the ability to connect them with multiple Echo products. In other words, you could have your Amazon Echo 2nd Generation playing in one room, while the Echo Dot plays the same media in another room.

It’s a great feature for if you are entertaining guests, or if you are cleaning the house and don’t want to have to move your Echo around with you as you go.

In fact, given the size, and relatively affordable price, my family has always found that the Echo Dot makes an excellent supplemental device. Of course, it will also work well as your primary Echo if that is the route that you decide to take.

High-Grade Microphones:

You aren’t going to need to shout to activate the voice-controlled components of this device. The speakers featured on this unit are designed to pick up your voice from across the room so that you should have no trouble getting Alexa to do what you want.

What is the Difference between Echo 2 and Echo Dot?

While it is nicer to know what makes these products similar, what is ultimately going to inform your buying decision is the things that make them different. While it is true that these products do share a lot in common, there are also some things that make them fundamentally different.

Let’s take a look at some of these things to help you decide between the Echo Dot and the Echo.


The Echo Dot features a pretty singular standard design. With this model, you are getting a small, black colored device that is going to fit pretty much anywhere. However, it isn’t necessarily designed with decoration in mind.

The Echo 2nd Generation is, on the other hand, designed to blend in with your décor. The multiple fabric options help to ensure that it will look good in any home.

This distinction might not be important for every potential buyer, but I personally like the options that you are given with the Echo 2nd Generation. These devices attract a lot of attention in the rooms within which they are utilized, and that being the case it is good to see that they are designed to be easy on the eyes.

That said, the Dot certainly isn’t an eyesore, and it will look good in most places that you decide to put it.


The difference in size between these two units is going to be pretty obvious the moment that you look at them. The Dot is designed to be a compact unit that is not even a fourth the size of the Echo 2nd generation. If you are looking for a compact device, you might appreciate the smaller size of the Dot, though of course it does come at the price of quality in the case of some of the hardware.


One of the bigger differences between these two devices is in the speakers. The Echo 2nd Generation features much larger, higher quality speakers than the Dot.

As mentioned in the last section, this is largely for the fact of its size. Because the Echo 2nd Generation is larger than the Dot, it benefits from louder speakers that also deliver clearer sound.

It is for that reason that my family likes to use the Dot primarily for supplemental usage, while we use the Echo 2nd Generation in rooms that we spend the most time in.


Finally, the price may be what sets these units apart the most in the eyes of some shoppers. Cost is, of course, subject to change on a daily, or even hourly basis, but for the most part, the Echo 2nd Generation is going to be priced at around twice as much as the Echo Dot. If you need the Home Automation Hub feature, check out Echo Plus instead.

Now, for your money, you are getting some upgraded features with the Echo 2nd Generation but if you want to save a few dollars you may be willing to forgo the upgrades and go with the Echo Dot.

What Makes Echo 2 and Echo Dot Similar?

These products actually have quite a bit in common. In many ways, the Echo Dot is simply a smaller version of the Echo 2nd Generation. Both are able to play music, make phone calls and control your home automation devices.

With both of products, you are getting full access to the services of Amazon Alexa. That gets you a lot. If what you want is access to millions of songs, and control over a wide variety of devices spread throughout your home, you are going to get it with either of these products.


As I am sure you have seen, both of these products have some great features that most families are really going to enjoy. If you want an affordable, compact unit that is still powered by all of the impressive capabilities of Alexa, the Echo Dot Is the product for you.

If, on the other hand, you want those same features further empowered by a full-sized unit that enjoys an appealing design and a high-quality speaker, consider the Echo 2nd Generation.

Regardless of which of these Alexa products you choose, you will wind up with a device that improves the lives of your family. What more could you ask for?

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