The 2020 Edition to Safe-Proof a New Home

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Your new home’s security should take the forefront of investment priorities if you’re going to keep your family safe during emergencies. Without particular security necessities, your home can become a target for burglars who are looking for easy access to valuables.

At the same time, you must be conscious of your family’s ability to escape a major fire, in which some locks or structural deficiencies can interfere with the ability to move out quickly. By installing some of these safety features inside your home, you can keep your family and valuables safe.

Safe-Proof a new home

Window Locks

Ground floor windows are an especially important area in the house to protect from the entry of thieves, but they also play an essential role in helping the family exit when a fire occurs. Most homeowners believe that a burglar would enter the home through an unlocked door, or they would choose to break the window instead of opening it.

However, doing so would draw more attention to a crime, so thieves try to avoid damaging property while they’re attempting a burglary. Install window tilt or swivel locks which older children may easily open, but keep out would-be thieves or prevent small children from falling.

Smart Locks for Doors

Any experienced thief can easily break into a door lock with a lockpick or by damaging the lock, but a professional may choose to use more discreet methods to open entry doors. Although they’re renowned for their strength, deadbolt locks can slide to the side with a strong enough magnet, which leaves less of a trace and doesn’t damage the door outright. Additionally, keyed-locks can either be drilled through, kicked in with force or picked with a lockpick.

Today, one of the best security locks for house doors is an Augest smart lock, which feature a Bluetooth connection to enter a touchscreen number combination pad, which opens a set of heavy deadbolts. You may also choose bump-proof locks that prevent the use of lockpicks to move pins inside door locks.

Install Security Camera Systems

Indeed, the presence of security camera systems can typically deter a would-be thief before they have a chance to catch one. However, burglars that want to avoid identity detection may use masks or may wait until nightfall to enter a house.

New homeowners can help reduce the chances of unlawful entry or obtain evidence of stolen property if theft occurs by installing 4K resolution nocturnal cameras on the inside our outside of their homes. They work best installed in discreet locations, so be sure to think strategically on where to install the cameras.

Give Your New Home the Protection Boost it Needs

The overall security of your property and family can improve by a long shot if you implement any one of these features; however, you can amplify theft prevention and detection with a quality security camera system. Increase the safety of your property, possessions, and family by using some of the latest technology security products.

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