Why You Should Buy a Google Home, Home Mini, or Nest Mini

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You’ve probably heard here or there about the Google Home or Home Mini but have you actually taken the time to sit down and hear what they are really about?

They are cool products. They are really cool products, and if you utilize them properly they can have a significant impact on how your family lives.
Why You Should Buy a Google Home

To help you take an informed look at these two cool products we have assembled a list of some of the things that make them special. Read on for a guide on why you should buy a Google Home or Home Mini!

First, What Exactly Are They?

The Google Home, and the Mini are categorized technically as “smart speakers” but that doesn’t really do well to describe how they function in your home.

They are speakers, and they are also very smart, but when you think speakers you think car radio, right? Or maybe even Beats by Dre.

That’s not what we are talking about here.

The Google Home line of products is essentially a virtual assistant. In fact, the device even utilizes a voice-activated operating system that is referred to as “Google Assistant.”

This operating system falls into a category of technology that is quickly developing in homes all across the planet.

Think Alexa or Siri. Your Google Assistant will be able to take commands and access tons of applications and other information simply through listening to your voice.

What is the Google Home? It’s a product that will change the way that you live. Let’s now take a look at some of these devices choicest features so you can see how.

Why You Should Buy a Google Home or Nest Mini 2020?

Below you will find a few features that are sure to make you want to buy the Google home or the Google Home Mini:

Total Control:

One of my favorite things about the Google Home is that it really allows you to make the most out of your other smart devices. A lot of products these days feature a Bluetooth component that put them into the category of “Smart Device.”

Generally, these devices can be operated through your smartphone, or other internet empowered device.

A smart device could be anything from lights, locks, security cameras, your oven, or even your coffee pot. Controlling these otherwise every day items with your phone is cool without question, but isn’t the ability to control them with your voice even cooler?

That is what the Google Home empowers you to do. With the help of the ever useful Google Assistant, you will be able to exorcize complete control over the compatible devices in your house.

I don’t know about you, but I think that any device that lets you adjust your thermostat, or lock your front door with the power of your voice is pretty cool.

Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You:

Another thing that is pretty neat is that the Google Home line of products also takes hands-free calling to the next level.

If you have a smartphone you are going to be able to sync it up with the Google Home or the Google Home Mini so that you can make calls with the power of your voice.

Here’s how it works. First, you are going to need to upload your contact information to Google Contacts (it’s a simple process that should only take a few minutes).

After that, your Google Assistant will be able to help you place calls to any contact that you have in your phone. You can activate this feature easily simply by saying something like “Google Home, call Travis.”

After that, you can have your conversation through the crystal clear speakers of the Google Home.

I love this feature because it has such a Jetsons feeling to it. Placing a call was never really difficult to begin with, but the ability to do it with your voice really takes things to another level of convenience and coolness.

It’s Also a Great Speaker:

Since technically this device is a speaker it is also worth noting that it succeeds quite well in that capacity as well. You will be able to use the crystal clear audio output of the Google Home line of products to listen to your favorite songs or even enjoy a new playlist through your Pandora account.

Like all of the other features and abilities of the Google Home line of products, you can use the speakers to listen to music either by commanding the device to play songs with your voice or by activating commands through the Google home phone app.

It’s Really Smart:

Another one of my favorite features of the Google Home line of products is that they really take this voice activation technology to the next level.

For example, Google recently added the ability to issue multiple commands in the same sentence.

For example, if you needed to make a call you could say something like “Hey Google, call Sam, and turn the volume all the way up.

It sounds kind of trivial right? Because how hard is it really to say, “Google call Sam,” and then “Google turn the volume up,”?

It’s not hard at all, but that also isn’t really the point. Features like this just serve to make the Google Home line of products more intuitive and even more lifelike.

It’s Also Always Learning:

Last but not least, Google makes sure that these products stay sharp. The software that runs the Google Home system receives frequent updates that often bring with them new abilities.

For example, the ability to issue multiple commands at once was not originally programmed into the Google Home, but now all fully updated units are capable of doing it.

The fact that the system is frequently updated means that you will never run out of ways to enjoy your Google Home, or your Google Home Mini. It’s as good as Amazon Echo Show frequent update as well.


So, let’s just get to the bottom line here, shall we? Is the Google Home or Mini-Home right for you? Personally, I think it is.

Don’t get me wrong. The Google Home and Mini Home are not necessarily right for everyone, but if you were curious enough about these products to read this article, you’re also probably the same type of person that is going to benefit from its features.

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