CES 2018 Smart Home Revolution: MagHive, Array Smart Light From Brinks & More

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Remember watching The Jetsons and wishing for a house that can take care of itself? Well, that day has arrived as smart home automation is everywhere- especially at CES 2018. From Rosie-like robots to gadgets that remind you to grab your wallet before you leave the house, there are lots of innovative new products to see and ooh over at this year’s show.  So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your home security system or have an itch for a new hub, read on to find out what’s coming and from whom.

CES 2018 Day 2: Smart Home Revolution

Today is Day 2 at CES and even though it’s early on, there are already some cool devices to check out. Here’s what’s been announced:

MagHive: Never Leave Home Without Your Keys or Wallet Again

If you’re like me and always forget things after you’re out of the house this system from start-up company Pitaka is a must-have!  Featuring a base like the one pictured above and sensors called mag tags, you sync all your items to MagHive (wallet, key’s, phone, even your umbrella!) and then it will alert you before you head out using motion detectors, local weather forecasts, and other pertinent data based on what you sync.

No pricing yet, but it will be available early this year and will be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

Brinks Home Security Array Family

The name Brinks is synonymous with security, so you know this collection of new smart devices is sure to get the job done and push the boundaries of technology. Here’s what they have to offer:

Brinks Array Smart Deadbolt

Image result for ces 2018 Array Smart Deadbolt

Designed to provide security and convenience, this smart deadlock is Cloud-based and can hold up to 100 e-codes, so guests and deliverymen can have limited access without you having to change the codes. It is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa (no surprise), runs on Wi-Fi, and runs on an ion-lithium battery with solar panels for back-up and energy conservation.

You can use the app to check perimeters, lock, unlock and more; will sell for $249 and you can pre-order now on the Brinks’ Array website.

Array Smart Light Fixture: The Future’s So Bright

Also running on Wi-Fi is their new security lights, with a built-in camera for an added layer of protection. The camera uses AI to differentiate between people and animals and the motion sensors engage the camera and lights instantly, with them immediately showing on the app. There will be 2 models available and you can also adjust things such as brightness; no word on when in 2018 it will be available.

Array Chek

Finally, the Array Chek was introduced, a small lock that uses sensors to ensure that your current deadbolt it locked. It can be engaged and controlled using the app and is expected to be available some time this year.

Viaroom Hub: Your Home May be Smarter Than You

Image result for viaroom hub

The future is here courtesy of a hub by a start-up company backed by ATES Networks. Called Viaroom, it uses AI to learn your habits during an initial 48-hour period and then control and engage the smart devices around you in anticipation of what you’ll do or need.

For example, if you wake at 8 a.m. for those first 2 days and turn on the lights as soon as you get up, on the third day your light will go on at 8 a.m. without you touching a switch. It will work with  Philips Hue, , Aeotec, Google, Osram, Fibaro, Vera and Amazon Echo.

You can order yours starting Jan 30th through the Viaroom website for $119.

What do you think of all these great devices from CES 2018 Day 2 so far? Keep checking back with us, as we will be adding more products as they become available.


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