Has Gary The Hipster Cat Replaced Grumpy Cat?

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Does Grumpy Cat have some competition? That’s the buzz trending around a special new kitty with a unique look known as Gary the Hipster Cat. According to reports online Gary is the Next Grumpy Cat and has taken over the internet. For those who haven’t seen him yet Gary is a 7-year old moggy with a perfect goatee that puts hipsters everywhere to shame.

The serious kitty has gained notoriety for that goatee and his dapper looks, amassing a huge following on social media sites almost overnight. He even has people comparing him to ‘breaking Bad’ characters and musicians. Let’s check out Gary’s story and see why he’s become such a sensation (and maybe help you make your kitty famous too!):

Humble Beginnings

Via Instagram omgdeedee

Gary May be famous now, with over 133,000 followers on his Instagram account @omgdeedee, but he is a real rags to riches story, which everyone loves. As owner Charlene Dahilig explains it, Gary was a 3 week old stray cat she found wandering in her backyard in Sacramento. One look at that dapper little face and she was hooked- she took him home and never looked back. And for those wondering, Charlene says that picture-perfect beard was there from the start, no photo-shop or clever trimming required.

Celebrity Comparisons

Gary’s willingness to pose in various hats, combined with the killer beard have garnered him lots of comparisons to some other famous faces. A report in the Daily Mirror says many have nicknamed him Heisenpurrg, a reference to the ‘Breaking Bad’ character who sports a similar beard and scowl.

Via Instagram omgdeedee

He has also been likened to U2’s The Edge, who also has a goatee and is famous for wearing form fitting knit caps like the one everyone’s favorite hipster wears. Gary’s owner says he loves to wear hats and take pictures, which is a good thing since he’s in such high demand.

A Look All His Own

Via Instagram omgdeedee

As if being born with a goatee that looked like it was drawn on wasn’t enough, Gary also has a killer attitude and a wide variety of outfits to complete his persona. While he prefers serious, classy styles that show off his natural charm, he can do other funny, even edgy looks. He has been photographed in a cool bandanna and a couple of funny bow ties to show off his humorous side. Plus, there’s even a picture of him lying near the American flag to show his patriotic side.

Via Instagram omgdeedee

His signature look, however, is a perfect scowl to go with that almost too perfect to be believed beard and a classy bow tie or ascot. He has been seen rocking a super classy black-tie bow tie, an over-sized Shamrock bow tie and a regal looking striped ascot that matches his eyes.

The one thing that never changes is his expression- always serious and ready for the camera! See these portable gadgets for your pet cat.

What’s Next For Gary?

Via Instagram omgdeedee

It appears Gary the Hipster is determined to take over the internet and dethrone Grumpy Cat and he might just do it if this current buzz keeps up. That could be really good news for his owner since Grumpy Cat has netted over 100 million dollars in just 2 years. Gary could surpass that if enough people take a liking to him and with that killer face he’s got a really good chance.

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