All about Grumpy Cat: Learn The Facts Behind Everyone Favorite Cat

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By now just about everyone on the planet has heard of Grumpy Cat, the lovable curmudgeon cat that has swept the internet by storm. Grumpy has millions of followers on social media, videos on YouTube and meme’s that everyone can’t stop posting (myself include). Yet with all that you’ve seen, how much do you really know about the cat with the forever frown? If you’re like me you probably don’t know as much as you think you do, but you’re about to learn. Want to know All about Grumpy Cat? Read on to find out everything you never knew (or thought to ask).

The Making of Grumpy Cat

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Who really is Grumpy Cat? Was Grumpy born with that name? When was our favorite grouchy cat born? Here are all the facts about how Grumpy Cat became, well, Grumpy Cat:

• Grumpy was born on April 4,2012 and is owned by Tabatha Bundesen, her brother Bryan, and her daughter Crystal.

• Grumpy hails from Morristown, Arizona, which is a bit ironic: years ago there was a pretty famous cat named Morris, who was the spokesman for 9Lives.

• A lot of people assume Grumpy is a he, but they (and me) are wrong: Grumpy is a she and became famous when Bryan posted her pic on Reddit.

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• Grumpy’s real name? You’ll never guess: Tardar Sauce. They gave her the name because she has an orange color to her when she was born and because Tabitha was working at Red Lobster at the time and trying to get Crystal to eat some tartar sauce.

• Where does her unique look come from? Well, turns out she has feline dwarfism and an under-bite, hence that famous expression. Oh, and she’s really not grumpy- she is very playful and frisky according to her family.

• Our favorite little crank pants has a brother, Pokey. Like Grumpy, Pokey has dwarfism and an under-bite too, but he looks less mean.

By the Numbers

Now that you know more about who Grumpy is, let’s learn some more about just how famous she really is. Some of these numbers will surprise you:

• 1- number of times a week she is photographed/ filmed. You may see new images of her every day, but she only poses one day a week, which gives them about a weeks’ worth of new images to use.

9,400,000- number of views her “The Original Grumpy Cat” video got on YouTube

• 27,295,642- number of followers she has on YouTube (and counting)

722,000 number of Instagram followers. Hey, everyone loves this little sourpuss.

Grumpy’s Achievements

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You may think she is just a pretty face, but Grumpy has a lot of achievements and awards. Here are her accomplishment:

• In November of 2012 she was named the 8th most important meme and in December of the same year MSN named her The Most Influential Cat of 2012

• In September of 203 she got The Golden Kitty Award at the Internet Cat Video Festival

• She got the Lifetime Achievement Award from Friskies in October of 2103.

Grumpy Cat Infographic
Via Addvocate

Fun and Grumpy Facts

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Okay, so you now you know how Grumpy catapulted to the top, but what about the fun stuff? Well, we got some fun, interesting things to share too. For instance:

• Did you know her favorite foods are tuna and Starbuck’s coffee cake?

• She loves to hide behind curtains and play with bags like lots of other cats do.

• Unlike other cats, she is afraid of heights and jumping!

Well, we hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed digging up all these facts. Now that you know all about Grumpy Cat, why don’t you share this post so your friends and family can learn all about her too?

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