America: Land of The Crazy Cat Ladies

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crazy facts about cat ownership

Do you love cats to the point of obsession? Do you think cats are better than dogs? Well, I do and I came across an interesting infographic that proves I’m not alone (and neither are you).

It’s called ‘20 Crazy Facts about Pet Ownership in America’ and not only was it funny, but it was scarily accurate. Turns out I’m not the only person who considers kitty like a 3rd child. According to the post America has become the Land of Pet-Loving (Cat-Crazy) Owners.

crazy facts about pet ownership in America

Via Home Owners Insurance

It seems we don’t just love our cats, we LOVE them: we dress them like they were our kids, let them sleep in our beds and even give some of them a seat at the dinner table. Let’s see how our pets have taken over our lives, thanks to infographics courtesy of the Homeowners Insurance group. By The Numbers in the U.S. nearly 60% of all Americans own either a dog or a cat- that number is significantly higher than that of 20 other major countries.

According to the latest statistics the U.S. is no longer going to the dogs- these days there are just as many cat owners as dog owners and they take their pets very seriously. Years ago the majority of people would have had a dog since cats were seen as aloof or even evil, but those stigmas are long gone.

Personally, I find an little independence a good thing in a pet- compared to dogs they are easier to love because they are much less demanding (like a wife who never nags).

Home Sweet Home

Did you know that 9 out of 10 pet owners consider their pet to be a member of the family? (I know I do!)That may explain why:

• 70% of cat owners let their feline lie on the couch (guilty)

65% let their kitty sleep on their bed– or someone else’s in the family. (guilty again)

• Most cat owners leave on a TV or radio for their little furball when they’re at work or out for the day (um, yeah, told you I’m a crazy cat lady).

• Half of all kitty owners buy their cat presents for holidays, which may explain why over 5 billion a year is spent on pet gifts every year. (hey, it’s not fair if there is nothing is under the tree for them!)

Picture Perfect

Apparently, having your cat with you every day isn’t enough (is it ever?). According to the graphic:

• An astounding 1/3 of all cat owners have their pets picture on display (talk about “overexposure”).

• Even more surprising is that 27% of pet owners confessed they have taken their cat to a professional photographer- say cheese!

Crazy For Cats

The truth is cats, with their I don’t care attitude, just make you want to love them more. And they do actually show love. Don’t believe me? Well, your in the minority then because:

•80% of pet owner believe their cat can tell what kind of mood their in and half say they have conversations with their cat.

As a cat owner I admit that the Homeowners infographic, 20 Crazy Facts about Cat Ownership in America, was dead on. They did their homework, using sources like to come up with their statistics, but I don’t know if I would call us cat owners crazy.

Yes, we may be a little eccentric, but unless you see us licking ourselves or hissing, I say hooray America for embracing your crazy cat lady side!

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