What to Look For When Buying a Diamond Gift

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You may think buying a diamond gift and a diamond engagement ring are the same thing, but they’re not. When searching for the perfect engagement ring there are a number of variables to consider, most notably the total number of carats. However, when buying a diamond gift, the rock usually isn’t as large and doesn’t necessarily dominate the jewelry it’s set in.

How to buy a diamond gift

Creative jewelers are able to craft dazzling bracelets and necklaces using small diamonds. Even if the diamonds in a jewelry piece are tiny, their combined sparkle can make a huge impact; so it’s the overall look and style of the piece that’s most important, rather than the total carat weight of the stones that make up the piece.


Picking out the perfect diamond engagement ring is a topic that’s been well covered in other blog posts on the internet, so we won’t focus any more attention on that here. The following information is intended to help you understand what you should keep in mind when selecting a diamond gift, whether its a necklace, bracelet, earrings or any other piece.

Buying a Diamond Gift

Diamonds Vs. Diamonds Chips

There’s a big difference here. When looking at a diamond bracelet or any other jewelry, find out if what’s included is a diamond or a diamond chip. Actual diamonds are small diamonds cut and crafted to fit the bracelet. Essentially, these diamonds go through the same basic cut and design process as a diamond ring, just to a smaller extent. Diamond chips are chips off a regular diamond.


Basically, when cutting and shaping a diamond for an engagement ring (for example), chips and dust are removed. While the dust isn’t used for something like this, the chips are later repurposed for some kinds of jewelry. The chips are small and basically just rounded out so it can be attached to the jewelry. Regular diamonds catch the light better and have substantially more value. Chips, on the other hand, are more for looks than anything else and are usually included with inexpensive jewelry.

Setting Material

This is most important when dealing with diamond earrings, but it also holds true with other diamond gifts that come in contact with the skin. Some people have metal allergies. Not to gold or silver or platinum, but to nickel which is found in different gold alloys. Nickel, when pressed against the skin, can cause it to irritate, itch and even break out in a rash.


Nickel is a common component in stud earrings that do not have a real place setting. It’s inexpensive to make and use, so it doesn’t affect the cost of the jewelry very much. However, the last thing you want to do is buy a diamond gift the person can’t wear because it makes them break out.


The individual may not even realize they have a metal allergy until they put a diamond stud earring in and their skin begins to swell and itch. So, before you go about buying a gift, look into the setting material. If it’s nickel you’ll be better off paying a little more for jewelry not containing nickel.

Lost Diamond Policy

What happens if diamonds fall out of the gift? The best jewelry is constructed to prevent this kind of diamond loss. Due to this, top jewelry designers offer to replace the diamond should it ever fall out. Think of it as a warranty behind the diamond and a testament to the jeweler standing behind their craft.


The replacing of a larger diamond is a bit more common (such as with an engagement ring). However, find out what the policy is should a diamond come loose in the other gifts you’re considering.


One of the greatest gifts you can give to someone is a diamond. Whether it’s a bracelet, earrings or something they don’t even wear, diamonds are truly beautiful and reflect what you think of them. However, before you go out and purchase just any diamond gift, make sure you take into account these different points of concern.


You’ll avoid buying something they might be allergic to while ensuring the quality and value of the product itself. This way, the person who receives the gift will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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