The 3 Home Improvement Tools Any DIY’er Needs

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The difference between amateurs and true professionals has often been linked to having the right tools at hand.

Home Improvement Tools Anyone needs

This assertion is true, if lacking – owning the right tools is just part of the equation.

After all, you can have all the necessary tools and then some, but if you don’t have the skill and the knowledge as to how and when to use them, then you’re still missing the other equally important half of the equation.

If you possess both parts of the equation, then you pretty much have everything it takes to accomplish any DIY project you set out to do, regardless of complexity or skill level.

Many DIY’ers wish they had a wide array of power tools, big and small, as well as a spacious, well-designed workshop to use and keep them in. A common lament – we ourselves included. While we’re at it, we might as well wish for a unicorn.

Kidding aside, however, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of just these 3 crucial home improvement tools every DIY’er needs – these three tools will have you accomplishing pretty much any task you set out to do, whether you’re doing home improvement and repairs, or DIY projects in a pinch.

1. Miter Saw

One of the most essential DIY power tools you’ll want to have as part of the building blocks of your toolbox is a miter saw.

If you only had the budget for one out of the three tools in our list, make it this one – it’s literally that important. If you’re buying tools piece by piece based on how important they are, make it a miter saw. We can’t overstate this fact.

See, miter saws are helpful for doing almost any home repairs or DIY projects – you can cut moldings, wood, as well as perform building projects with one.

They are invaluable tools for installing moldings, baseboards, doorways, and sidings – pretty much anything that has to do with woodworking. You’ll accomplish a lot equipped with nothing more than a hammer, some nails, and a good miter saw.

It’s the #1 power tool in our list for a reason.

2. Air Compressor

At the heart of every tool shop that counts pneumatic or air-powered tools such as nail guns, paint sprayers, impact wrenches, and the like lies an air compressor to power them all. It’s also useful for inflating tires as well as to clean the dust off of your projects. Air compressors are versatility personified – they’re just so useful in and around the house.

Plus, owning an air compressor may reduce the amount of money you would have spent on tools, because pneumatic tools are substantially less expensive than their electric counterparts.

If that’s not reason enough, pneumatic tools are more precise and are much less bulky in size and in weight compared to electric power tools – and there’s literally a pneumatic tool for every DIY project under the sun.

You don’t even need to break the bank on a big one; according to All The Stuff, most DIY’ers will find all of their air needs taken care of with a small to medium-sized air compressor. There are so many air compressors made especially for DIY projects, and many no longer have the price tags that they once had.

3. Nail Gun

Finally, a nail gun is definitely one of the power tools that intermediate to advanced DIY’ers should have in their arsenal for home improvement, particularly for those who do a lot of nailing around the house and in the garage.

Nail guns just make life easier for all of us – imagine the time you can save on nailing jobs with one, freeing you up to do more. It doesn’t matter if you go electric or pneumatic with one; but if you followed our advice and got yourself an air compressor, a pneumatic one would be much cheaper, lighter, and more powerful and efficient than an electric one.

This is a tool you can’t do without for efficiency – a nail gun will get you through small and large projects around the house, and far beyond what you thought you could do.

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