Cozy and Popular Home Decor Trends (2018) You Should Know

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Looking for ways to enhance the beauty of your space but don’t have a big budget? If so don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of 2018’s Must Have Home Decor Trends, and they won’t break the bank.  

This Infographic, designed by a Choice Furniture Superstore UK team, will inspire you when it comes to the colors, styles, fabrics, and fads that will dominate in 2018. Read on to see what’s hot and what’s not!

2018 Home Decor Trends

What are the experts saying? Most of the expert interior designers predict floral prints, jewel tones, mixed metallics, and dark woods will make a big comeback in 2018. And greenery and accent wall arts will remain popular 2018.

Home Decor Trends You Know


Flower prints can work year-round, just don’t overdo it; use it for pillows, curtains and any other accent piece. You can even use real flowers on the table to add a light, floral touch.


The combination of mixed metallics adds a stylish metallic touch in your space, it’s not new, right? The big difference this year is the choice of the metallic finish. Think less copper and rose gold, more brass! Brass will play a significant role in home decor this year. Also, you can use mixed metallics means mixed metal with a variety of elements to create a colorful array. 

Lights, Lamps, chandeliers and other accessories are the perfect way to inject a new trend into a home without spending too much.  

Dark Wood

Dark Wood Furniture will become more popular this year among house owners. Mixed Metallics are the perfect finishing touches to a rich mahogany and adds an extra glamorous feel and look to your space.  To make sure your home doesn’t feel too drab, use darl flooring with light cabinets in the kitchen or a light-colored couch. 

Jewel Tones

Richer Color Palettes will make your home look more colorful and they will play a key role this season. The most popular choices for a bedroom and living room decorating are neutral, pastel color tones. Neutral colors are all about cool blues, greens, and greys. 

Blue is trending color and most popular among house owners. Blues have the ability to produce a sense of calm and restfulness. There are so many variations of blue available and was trending in the past years. All depends on your choice and personal taste, choose a color that suits your space and style. 

A vintage lighting can transform the look and feel of overall space, providing an instant touch of vintage at very little cost. Don’t forget to clean your home regularly.


Richer shades of greenery striking against on trend darker furniture choices and will give your space healthy atmosphere.    

Did you know that including greenery in your home decor has numerous health benefits? Not only green plants adorn the look of your space, they also enhance the quality of life by interacting with your body and mind. Whether it’s your home or office, plants are beneficial for both spaces. Many of the studies show that plants play an important role in creating the right atmosphere in the workplace.

Less Is More in 2018! 

Yes,  that’s right! Instead of adding too many pieces in your home decor only add a few accent pieces that are more appealing.

Make your home decor simple and sweet, Simple finishing touches and accessories can add a remarkable impact.

If you’re updating your kitchen, you may want to rethink that your cooking place needs a little makeover. Furnish your kitchen with wooden drawers, cabinets and add storage pieces to make it clean and clutter-free. Ditch the basic designs and show some creativity to make it more appealing. 

If you want to wow your guests all 2018, keep latest home decor trends in your mind while decorating your space. All home decor trends mentioned here are easy to implement in your home decor process and cost-effective too. Keep your home up to date with these latest home decor trends 2018 and rest I can assure you that the results will be outstanding. 

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