Best Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors (2020) Comparison Reviews

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Oh, those pesky hardwood floors. They’re beautiful, obviously. But keeping them that way can be quite the task. Dirt, crumbs, and other unwanted debris stay right on the surface and drive you nuts, wrecking the lovely look of your floors. But don’t worry. We have the answer. We give you: the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors options on the market.

Best Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Our Top Choice


All told, we can’t help but recommend the Bissell Hard Floor Expert as our favorite choice for your home. Its combination of power, durability, and ease of use is unparalleled in the canister vacuum space and it’s a great fit for anyone.

We believe it is the best canister vacuum for hardwood-floors and we think you will see exactly why the first time you use it.

Difference Between Canister Vacuums and Upright Vacuums

The major differences between a canister vacuum and a traditional upright vacuum are the location of the motor and the bag vs. no-bag nature of the designs. In a canister vacuum, the motor is placed on wheels separate from the suction head and wand. It will roll around with you while you clean instead of being pushed around by you like with an upright vacuum.

Also, a canister vacuum has a bag that you place inside of it to keep all of the nastiness from the ground inside the vacuum itself. Instead of spewing across your house like can happen (invisibly) with an upright vacuum, you’ll end up with a cleaner home. In these two ways, these vacuums are most different.

Top Rated 5 Hardwood Canister Vacuum – Which one is the Best?

1. Bissell Hard Floor Expert (Our Best-Seller 2020)

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You probably know and love the Bissell name for good reason. Their home appliances are always a big winner with customers, especially this vacuum with its features like:

Multi-Cyclonic Technology

“Yeah, but what does that mean?” you ask? Well, Multi-Cyclonic Technology is only Bissell’s patented – and industry best – suction tech. This design gives this canister vacuum outstanding suction capability that will last virtually forever. No loss of the excellent suction that you get the first time you turn on your vacuum to the last.

Multi-Surface Foot

This vacuum comes with two feet: a turbine foot attachment and a multi-surface professional. The turbine foot is awesome at getting the dirt out of your hardwood floors with a unique brush that is easy on your floors but effective on dirt. The multi-surface professional is great for your carpeted spots and area rugs so that you can take care of those, too.

Compact and Lightweight

Maybe everyone’s least favorite part about vacuuming is lugging around the weight of the vacuum itself. But that’s not a worry with this vacuum with its no-bulk design. It’s a small package that easy to carry and even easier to store. Even with all of its power, it’s far from a heavy load to carry.

2. Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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If it’s quality you want, it’s quality you will get with Soniclean. Check out the awesome design of this bagged canister vacuum including characteristics like:

The Best Canister Vacuum Motor Out There

At just 12 pounds, this vacuum has some of the beefiest power in the canister vacuum space. Its 1150 watt variable speed motor is best in show and makes sucking up even the toughest messes a breeze. You’ll love getting to roll over a messy spot and seeing nothing there the moment you pull the foot of the vacuum away.

A Sweet Warranty

Since is the pinnacle of German engineering, the manufacturer has placed a five-year motor warranty on this product. As if the motor of this machine wasn’t enough to be impressed by already, you can tell just how strongly Soniclean believes in it looking at that kind of warranty!

Ultra Quiet at All Times

With great power comes great responsibility – to still be quiet. Yes, while this vacuum does provide the pop, it still manages to not be a menacingly noisy beast. After all, nobody loves flipping on the vacuum cleaner and having their eardrums blown to bits.

3. Prolux Tritan Canister Vacuum

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We couldn’t make a list of canister vacuums without mentioning this Prolux model. Wondering why? Look:

Sealed HEPA Filtration

Allergies keeping you down? Pet dander messing with you? Just want the best clean humanly possible? Then you’ve got it right here. With three stages of filtration, this HEPA system will keep your vacuum from putting any dust back into the air to keep your home cleaner than any other vacuum.

Small but Mighty

Looking down the list of numbers about how powerful this motor is, it’s easy to see why customers love this vacuum. And, what might be even better than its power is its warranty. With the one-year factory warranty, you know that you’ll have clean floors for at least the next year – and well beyond, certainly.

All the Needed Accessories

Of course, your home isn’t just one giant hardwood floor. You have nooks and crannies and carpeted areas and all sorts of other situations that have their own different needs. Thankfully, this bagged canister vacuum has a crevice tool, a duster/upholstery head, and a Combi Floor foot. Now, you can clean just about anything in your house!

4. Kenmore 81414 400 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Want to get down to bare bones and just vacuum the darn thing?! Here’s your Kenmore vacuum for just that purpose. Check out its features like:

Whole Home Cleaning

In this canister vacuum, you have a healthy two-motor system with motorized suction to give you a package that packs a punch. The foot has two-floor nozzles to clean up everything off of your floors for a bright and shiny clean.

HEPA Filtration

Of course, if you’re looking for the best clean around, you know you need that HEPA filtration. And, of course, this Kenmore product has it. That means you won’t be just picking up dirt off the ground and flinging it around the air in the room. Instead, your home will actually end up clean.

Automatic Cord Rewinder

We’re going to be honest. Sometimes we avoid vacuuming just so we don’t have to deal with that pesky cord. However, this Kenmore product avoids that hurdle altogether by having a pre-installed cord rewinder. Now you have no excuse to not get the vacuum out!

5. Oreck Venture Pet Power Hardwood and Floor Vacuum Cleaner

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We know we have those pet lovers out there and we want to absolutely get what they need. That’s why this vacuum is their best option with features like:

Pet-Specific Powerful Motor

If you’ve got critters of your own running around, you know exactly how tough it can be to clean up after them. Well, Oreck is here to save the day with a vacuum that can handle them. This vacuum even includes a Pet Turbo Brush specially made for cleaning up Fido’s fur.

Silence Technology

Since you do have your pets running around, it would probably help to keep your vacuum quiet so as to not bother them, too. Accordingly, this Oreck vacuum has Silence Technology for excellent suction out of all 5 suction speeds without creating a giant disturbance throughout the entire house.

7 Year Warranty with Tune Ups

This is probably our favorite part of this vacuum. From the date of your purchase, you get a 7-year warranty. But, even better than that, you can get annual tune-ups done to your vacuum from Oreck themselves. That’s peak performance, guaranteed for seven years! What more could you want to keep your home clean for the foreseeable future?


Canister Vacuum Benefits: Why should you have one?

There are several advantages to using this style of vacuum, both for your floors and your health. Let’s look at why a canister vac is the smarter option:

Clean Air

A canister vacuum sucks up dust through a high-quality filter and contains it so dust, allergen, and dirt particles do not spray into the air. As a result, your home is cleaner and the air is better to breathe, which is great for babies, older people or those with asthma.

Cleans Multiple Surfaces

This type of vacuum is ideal for hardwoods but also works on rugs and even tiles. Which means you can clean just about every room without having to add a special attachment or use a different machine. Saving you a lot of time and aggravation.

Different Attachments

Your vacuum will either come with a host of attachments or you can buy them separately, usually for a small fee. Either way, these attachments make cleaning a breeze, as they can be used to reach high places, tight corners, and other heavy objects and furniture. Many even have attachments for upholstery, so you can clean fabrics, couches, and other pieces.

Attachments can include upholstery brushes, narrow vented arms for corners and cracks, mop-style foot for tiles and other similar items. Ask what your machine comes with and if you need to buy them separately sho and compare to get the best deal.

Easy to store and use

Canister vacuums tend to be smaller than traditional vacuums, so you can put them away in any closet or corner. They are also simple to use, with no complicated parts or buttons. The unit is on wheels and the hose is extra long, so you can wheel it around with you as you go along and clean. Just plug it in and you’re all set.

Cannister Basics & Parts

Relatively easy to use, you will be able to do more with your vacuum once you understand the basics and what each of the individual parts does. Let’s examine the main parts:

Intake Port

As the name implies, this is where all the dirt gets sucked into. The port is located at the lower end of the hose and can go anywhere you need it.

Rotary Brush

Located inside the intake port, this brush rotates when you vacuum and is responsible for loosening stuck on dirt and debris that gets entangled int he carpet, like pet hair. The bristles are strategically placed into a pattern that allows the brush to loosen on the first pass-through, so you don’t need to go over a particular spot again and again.

The Wand and Hose:

The hose is connected to the unit and the wand is the hard stick that is attached to it. Hoses vary in size, depending on the size of your unit and the wand is where you will attach any attachments if you use the vacuum cleaner to clean couches, curtains and other hard to reach areas.

The Motor:

The motor is what powers the unit and is located inside the canister. The motor helps the inner fan spin, which is what gives your machine its suction power.

The Fan:

The fan is what allows your machine to suck in air and debris. The fan spins and them sucks up dust and debris and pushes through the exhaust port and filter.

The Filter:

Found near the exhaust port, the filter is used to generate clean air. Debris, dirt, and allergens pass through it as you clean, so only clean air is expressed back out.

The Bag:

The bag is located inside the bagless canister and is where all the dirt and dust is trapped. The bag can be changed and helps contain the dirt, keeping your home and the canister clean.

Exhaust Port:

The exhaust port is where clean air is expressed after going through the filter. Because the filter is so effective you can use it even on clean floors to help filter the air if you or someone in your home suffers from allergies.

What are the Popular Vacuum Cleaner Attachments?

Every machine is different, but here are some of the many attachments you should look for with your vacuum:

Crevice Tool

This is a wand with a thin, narrow vent at the bottom. It is great for picking up dust and dirt along grout lines, baseboards and along all the corners of a room. Also excellent for sliding under heavy objects that you can’t all the way to the back of.

Round Bristle Brush

Usually made of horse hair, this is one of the best attachments you can get, as it can be used to clean counters, mini blinds, tables, fans, vents, slotted doors and other areas. The brush doubles as a duster, so you can sweep around the room from top to bottom with it sucking up dirt as you go.

Utility Nozzle with Bristles

You can use this brush to remove grime and caked on stains from your rug or hardwoods. Use the brush to gently dislodge anything that is stuck for easier cleaning.

Car Attachment

This foot usually has an oblong shape and padding in the center on each side. It is an excellent way to clean car mats, the floor of your car or the seats. You can also use the crevice tool to clean between the seats of your car.

Upholstery Brush

Similar to an old-school velvet lint brush, this one can be used to run along drapes, couches and more to get them clean. This is a great way to remove allergens from fabrics around your home, which is great if you have allergies or suffer from asthma.

Cleaning Your Vacuum: How do you clean your tool?

Your vacuum is only as good as the care you give to it. You want it to perform at it’s best, which means cleaning and maintaining it the right way. To help you with that, here are some tips:

  • Clean the inside of the canister

Even though there is a bag inside, the interior of the vacuum needs to be cleaned, as dust and dirt can build up. Use a moist rag to wipe it down every time you change the bag and let it air dry a minute before you put another bag.

  • Replace/wash filters

Depending on the unit you choose, change or wash the filters regularly. A dirty filter will not eliminate dirt and allergens the right way, which may cause you to breathe in dirty air as well as aggravate breathing and asthma issues.

If the filter can be washed rinse it every time you use it with warm water and allow to air dry. Foamy, squishy filters can usually be hand-washed. Just be sure they are completely dry, as a damp filter is a breeding ground for mold.

If you can’t wash the filter then replace it as directed.

  • Check hose/ wand/brush

Make sure the insides of the hose and wand are free of dirt and not blocked. Also, turn over the bottom foot and exam the brush to make sure it’s not tangled. The underside brush often gets snared with hair and string, which can cause it to not pick up dirt effectively.

If there is hair tangled use a manicure scissor to cut and untangle any hair. For the hose and wand, take them apart from the machine them and flush with soap and warm water regularly to keep them clean.

  • Wipe the unit

After every use wipe down the outside of the entire machine with a dust rag and once a month use warm soap and water to wipe down and then dry.

Common and Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions in regards to these types of machines:

Are bagless canister vacuums just as powerful as uprights?

Yes. These machines run the same ways as traditional models, so there is no need to worry about them losing power or not being as efficient.

Where can I get attachments and filters?

Filters and attachments can often be purchased through the same company you bought the vacuum or sometimes through Amazon or another major retailer. Check before you buy and make sure the filters or attachments are compatible.

Does a vacuum cleaner work well on rugs?

A Yes, unless it says otherwise your canister vacuum can go from hardwood to rug and back again without skipping a beat.

Some Buying Considerations: Know These Before You Buy

When it comes to picking out your own canister vacuum, there are really only a few things you need to be mindful of. The most major thing is that you will want to make sure you have a source for getting replacement bags for your vacuum cleaner. The canisters of a canister vacuum do need to be changed out so make sure you can get more of them from somewhere close to home! In addition, here are some other key considerations:

  • Attachments: Does it come with the attachments you need? If you plan to use it on your car or the furniture make sure it comes with the proper pieces or you’re wasting your money.
  • Size: You want a machine that you can easily move around and fits in your closet. Size doesn’t always equal power so if you need a smaller vacuum you can still get the power you need.
  • Pet Hair Capable: If you have pets you will need a unit that can pick up pet hair easily and without damaging the unit
  • Multi-Surface: If you have rugs and floors consider a unit that cleans both so you can use one appliance throughout your house. Makes cleaning day go a whole lot quicker and easier.

After that, the comparison between all of these products comes down to your preferences. Any of these things can make or break in your decision to make sure that you get the right vacuum cleaner for your own inclinations!

Wrap Up

The top bagless canister vacuum for hardwood floors is on this list. For us, we truly believe that the Bissell Hard Floor Expert is the way to go. We love everything about it and think it is the most complete vacuuming package out there. However, everyone is different and we definitely understand how your vacuuming choices could be different from ours.

Make sure you know your needs before you make your purchase and you will be a happy camper. We have no doubt that the best canister vacuum for you is right here on this page – and we’re excited to see your home cleaner, too.

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