The Benefits Of Hybrid Radiators

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Radiators are an underestimated feature in our homes, often forgotten – but as designs become more modern, many of us are using them as centerpieces, and as a way of enhancing our property’s interior. It’s not just the way they look that is becoming more modern, the way they can be used is too. Generally, radiators are heated through the central heating system, but hybrid radiators give us the option of an extra boost of electricity too, for warmth as soon as you need it. Read on as we look at how hybrid radiators work, and the benefits that come with them.

The Benefits Of Hybrid Radiators

What is a hybrid radiator?

A hybrid radiator is the same as your average radiator in the way that it looks, but the hybrid element refers to how the radiator is heated. A normal radiator is heated by the central heating supply when you turn on your boiler to heat your home. A hybrid radiator is also powered by the boiler but gives you the option of adding an extra blast of heat with electricity too. If you want to heat a room quickly, for example, your bathroom so that you can get out of the shower into a warm and comfortable environment, hybrid radiators can help you to achieve this. This works as electric heating produces radiation heat, which makes it a great backup to your average radiator powered by the boiler. So, is a hybrid radiator a feature that you could take advantage of?

What are the benefits?

Hybrid radiators are becoming more common, and for good reason – they can provide a few advantages to both the room you’re heating and your energy bills. Here are a couple of ways in which these hybrid radiators can benefit you.

  • Flexibility: These radiators provide both an electric and central heating option. This means that you can choose easily and quickly between the two to suit you. If you turn your heating on as a way of warming your entire home, these radiators are perfectly suited for this. If you want to heat one room, you can switch to electric for heat just for the time you’re in there, to save energy.
  • Quick heat: Using the electric option that comes with your hybrid heater means that you can heat rooms that you don’t spend a lot of time in, just when you need them. For example, if you do not spend a lot of time in your bathroom, it seems pointless to turn the central heating on just to heat it up. This is where the electric setting comes in useful. You can turn your radiator to electric for the period that you need to warm the room, for quick heat, rather than having to wait for the central heating to warm the whole house. Effective and efficient!
  • Reduce carbon footprint: If you are looking for ways to reduce the impact you’re having on the planet, a hybrid radiator could be one of the best ways to do this. Using a completely electric heater is more costly and uses more energy. Switching to a hybrid radiator means you can simply heat the room when you need to, quickly and efficiently without having to turn your central heating on and use energy to heat the whole house.

Types of hybrid radiators

Hybrid radiators are some of the most modern on the market which means you can choose from chic designs that can enhance the interior of your home as well as allow you to benefit from a warm and comfortable environment. Hybrid towel rails are most common in bathrooms and kitchens, so you can turn your radiator to an electric setting as a way of heating and drying towels and heating your bathroom or kitchen as and when you need it. You could choose from different finishes, colours, and styles to ensure a stylish and efficient addition to your home.

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