How to Steam Clean Your Bathroom: Kills Germ Without Chemicals!

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We all know that the bathroom is one room of the house most prone to encountering dirt, grime, germs and bacteria’s that are best left to the imagination.

Cleaning the bathroom is no one’s favorite job but are there ways that it can be done that make the process a whole lot easier and more effective.

Steam cleaning is just such a method. It is simple, efficient and insanely efficient. Today we will be taking a look at how and why you can use your steam cleaned to kill more bacteria in your bathroom than ever before.

how to steam clean your bathroom

What is steam cleaning?

First what exactly is steam cleaning? Great question and the answer is more or less exactly what you would expect. Steam cleaning is a method that uses steam to kill bacteria and lift dirt and grime from almost any surface in your house.

It sounds almost too simple, doesn’t it? Maybe it is but with this simplicity you get results.

The steam cleaner is popular for a few reasons. For one thing, all that the tool uses is water (which of course eventually becomes steam).

This means that you don’t need to waste extra money on cleaning supplies at the store: operating the tool is as simple as turning on your faucet.

It also means that you aren’t going to need to worry about introducing any dangerous chemicals into your home. Hot water is about as natural as it gets, and it definitely isn’t going to do any harm to your pets or family members.

Of course, this wouldn’t mean anything at all if the steam cleaner wasn’t also highly effective.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

In terms of an actual cleaning utility, the steam cleaner succeeds in several ways. For one thing, it loosens dirt and grime to point that it is easily wiped away (potential users should note that steam cleaners can only loosen but unfortunately not remove grime).

Even more importantly, however, it sterilizes surfaces in a way that no other cleaning process even comes close to accomplishing.

Mopping dusting, sweeping and vacuuming are all great methods of extracting dust dirt and grime, but unfortunately, none of these tools are able to eliminate germs the same way that the steam cleaner is, making it a truly invaluable asset to any arsenal of cleaning tools.

It is because of these features that the steam cleaner is also the most versatile option at your disposal. It can be used to great effect on carpets tile porcelain and curtains. It can also be used to clean the inside of your car, your grill, or even to effortlessly remove wallpaper from a wall.

Truly, hardwood flooring is really the only no-no area of the home when it comes to the steam cleaner. That aside it can be used just about anywhere.

How to Steam Clean Your Bathroom

Now that you have a little bit of background information on the steam cleaner let’s take a look at how you can use this versatile product to give your bathroom a clean unlike any it has ever had before.

First, Why the Bathroom Should be steam cleaned

The biggest benefit of steam cleaning the bathroom mostly comes down to the tool’s ability to neutralize germs and bacteria. While mopping may leave the room smelling a little bit fresher (thanks to scented chemical solutions) there is no other tool out there that will kill as many germs as the steam cleaner. It’s pretty simple really. If you want to kill as many bathroom germs as possible there is no better tool to get the job done than the steam cleaner.

Getting started:

The first thing that you should do as you prepare to steam clean a room is to fill the tank and allow it to start heating up.

While you are waiting for your water to start turning into steam you will want to also double check and make sure that you are wearing appropriate attire.

While steam cleaning is for the most part very safe the process nevertheless involves very high temperatures that you don’t want to expose your skin to. The same hot steam that will neutralize germs and bacteria can also leave you with a pretty nasty burn if you aren’t careful.

Fortunately dressing appropriately for a steam-cleaning session is pretty simple stuff.

Make sure before you start that you are wearing sleeves, long pants, and protective gloves. There is also the chance that while you clean the steam build up will lead to painful eye irritation.

In order to avoid that you may also want to think about keeping protective eyewear like goggles around as well. Once you have taken these steps you will be ready to begin the process of steam-cleaning your bathroom.

Start With the Floors:

Let’s start with the floors. Use the head of your steam mop to slowly apply steam to every inch of the floors of your bathroom.

Ideally, you will take a slow approach to this motion to ensure that the maximum amount of bacteria is killed. Generally, most people recommend moving the head of the steam cleaner at a rate of about one inch per minute.

If done correctly this process can have a tile floor looking like new.

The Shower:

Using the method illustrated in the last section you will also be able to clean every inch of your shower or bathtub as well. Your steaming cleaner will be able to remove dirt, grime and water stains from the tub area itself as well as from the shower door or curtain without much trouble at all.

The toilet and sink:

The toilet and sink are prone to suffering from hard water stains (as well as other issues best left to the imagination). While lifting these stains through other means can be very difficult it really isn’t much of a hassle with the steam cleaner.

Once again just focus on moving the head of the steam-cleaner slowly over the surface of either area and watch those problem stains disappear.

And that’s it! Using these very simple instructions you can clean not just your bathroom but almost any other surface in your home as well.


As you can see the steam cleaner is not only the go-to tool for conquering the grody germs and buildups found in bathrooms everywhere it is also a tool that should empower owners to clean just about any other surface of their home as well.

If you want a cleaner that is completely natural and insanely effective it’s time to get yourself a steam cleaner.

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