5 Simple Ways to Embrace Organic Interior Design

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The further we get from nature, the more we want to be around it. That’s the beauty of the natural world around us, it will always feel like home. Our love for all things natural created the organic interior design trend which is as timeless as it is beautiful. Some interior design styles are difficult to implement correctly and too much of a good thing can quickly become a bad thing. Luckily, I am here to give you 5 excellent tips for embracing this trend in your home with zero risks of overdoing it.

Simple Ways to Embrace Organic Interior Design

  1. Choose Organic Materials

The organic design trend would be far less impactful without using implementing furniture that is made from natural materials. Wood, grasses, rattan, and bamboo are all great options for choosing a natural material that will fit in perfectly with your new look. Rustic queen bedroom furniture looks best when it’s made from salvaged wood, there is just something about natural materials that make the furniture pieces come to life.

  1. Maximize Natural Light

Maximize Natural Light

Having enough natural light is an important part of organic interior design, it creates the perfect warmth of nature inside your home effortlessly. Natural lighting is also known for boosting productivity when you need it, as well as simultaneously being able to create a peaceful atmosphere. You should ditch the old artificial lights in a skip bin and embrace the warm sunshine. If you don’t have enough natural light in a room you should consider using mirrors to create the perception of additional light.

  1. Add Greenery

Aside from the multiple science-backed reasons for having plants at home, like improved moods, immune systems, and air quality, adding plants to your space serves as the perfect addition to an organic themed room. The trick to adding plants is to start small and build from there, don’t just rush out and buy a giant tree. Plants need to be placed subtly so you don’t unknowingly create a jungle instead of a bedroom. So, start slowly and just add a pot plant here and there, once you are comfortable then you can move onto bigger plants or even a gorgeously green living wall.

  1. Brighten Neutrals

Organic home furniture and décor is largely made up of earthy, soft, and neutral colours. If you feel like you need more than these colourways then you can add pops of colour will smaller décor items like rugs, throws, and scatters. Bright colours go perfectly next to their calmer, neutral counterparts. The best part of organic furniture is it looks great with just about any colours, including bolder metallic colours like silver and gold – if you opt for these colours then stick to accent colours only, like trimmings or gold leaf.

  1. Don’t Shy Away from Patterns

Patterned textiles can be difficult to incorporate into your home without feeling overwhelmed. The thing about patterns is once you start using them and keeping an open mind they become substantially less intimidating. You can easily add a trendy patterned rug or scatter cushion to your organic design space – these two design worlds combine gracefully to create an enhanced version of nature-inspired design.


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