Warm Up With Our Portable Heater Holiday and New Year Gift Guide

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Hey, we know how much it stinks to be the one feeling Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Winter is always on its way – but don’t worry because we have the perfect defense against the cold with some of the best portable heater holiday deals around. With a portable heater always in reach, you’ve got a personal heating station whenever and wherever you need it. So, read on and don’t let the cold keep you from feeling merry all year round.

Portable Heater Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Different Kinds of Portable Heaters

There are all kinds of portable heaters around that can help you in any situation. If you are the kind that loves to be outdoors but still hates the bitter cold, there are propane powered portable heaters that can bust out some serious heat. On the flipside, maybe you are the type that spends a lot of time at a desk in a freezing office (Who sets that darn thermostat?!).

That’s okay, too, because there are portable heater Christmas sales available that will warm your bones, your heart, and your wallet.

Best Portable Heater Holiday 2021 Deals

Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote (45%) Black Friday Discount

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This heater is pretty. No, really. If you are looking for a heater that isn’t going to spoil the décor of your home, look no further. Beyond the fact that it just simply looks nice, it also has a remote control for ease of use and maximum heat power of 1.50 kW.

Yeah, no need to worry about being cold for too long with this Lasko product around. This may be your best Black Friday option yet.

Lasko 5790 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control Sale

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This fiberglass heating option has a lot of characteristics that make it an industry favorite. While it is lightweight, it can be set in the corner of a room to heat up an entire space easily.

It also has a Remote Control (no need to get out from under the blankets) and a sensor that turns the device off when the room is as warm as you want it to be. It’s got oscillation, a timer that works up to 8 hours, and a remote.

Honeywell 360 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater (25% OFF)

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This heater is really unique in that it puts out heat at all 360 degrees. This means that you no longer have to fight overheat if you were the only one smart enough to bring a portable heater that day. The heater can be placed on 2 different settings and it has a carrying handle that stays cool to the touch. That’s convenient since this is a truly handheld heater.

Lasko 5409 Oscillating Ceramic Tabletop/Floor Heater with Thermostat (5% off)


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Speaking of those who suffer from the cold in the office, we’ve got the best of the best portable heater Black Friday deals right here at the top. This very quiet ceramic heater has all of the fixings to get you at a comfortable temperature all day, every day. This handheld size, lightweight option has three different temperature settings make it so that you won’t be too hot nor too cold.

Delonghi Safe Heat ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

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This heater rolls around on wheels to get it where you need the heat most. It puts out 1500 watts of heating power, operates quieter than a mouse, and is great for medium and large sized rooms. It also has a setting that senses the temperature of the room so that it turns off when the room reaches your desired temperature (Hello, energy savings!). It also has plenty of safety settings like the automatic tipping point turn off that keep your heating element safe.

Lasko MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater Cyber Monday Sale

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Here’s a heater for the palm of your hand! Are you always the cold one in the room? Now you’re not. This heater fits in your pocket and has a simple on-off switch so that you can warm yourself without bothering anyone around you. Gone are the days when you have to ask someone for blankets or turn on the heater just for you! At $20, this thing is a steal.

Mr. Heater Buddy Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater

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Here’s another more personal option but on a larger scale. This sucker radiates 4,000 to 9,000 BTUs so you know it’s hot. We see this Mr. Heater product doing well in tough conditions with snow on the ground. It has an auto-shutoff if tipped over and turns off the gas if the pilot light goes out. The best part is it is lightweight and easy to move.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

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If you’re looking for a more permanent option that is still portable when you want it to be, this is the space heater you desire. This heater can take care of your biggest rooms all the while saving you on obnoxious energy costs. It has a remote control, a digital readout for the temperature it is putting out, and a fan noise that rivals heaters much smaller than itself. At just 24 pounds, this option can be moved around the house to take care of several different rooms throughout the year and is one of the best portable heater Black Friday deals available.

Christmas & New Year’s Sales

We have all come to know and love Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the same reason: savings. But what many don’t realize is that Christmas and New Years specials are just as big when it comes to savings.   Right before the holidays is when the best sales arrive, just in time for you to buy gifts for your loved ones or even yourself! Stores and online shops are discounting lots of items, including portable heaters, making now the perfect time to shop.

Warm Yet?

Are you still cold?! What are you waiting for?! On this page, you have all sorts of different heaters so you can get the warmth you need wherever you are. The best portable heater holiday deals will make your life a ton cozier – and for the right price.

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