Save Big With these Best Makita Black Friday/Cyber Monday (2018) Sale and Deals

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I’m sure you don’t need me telling you that the season of holiday shopping is now well under way, and you are also probably quite aware of Black Friday—the day that people are traditionally able to pick up some great deals.

Makita Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

However, what you might not know is that you don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to get some awesome deals. Stores are now rolling out there Black Friday deals early so you can pick up a bargain today!

That is precisely why today we will be taking a look at a few awesome Makita products that you can get for a steal. Read on for a comprehensive guide to the best Makita Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018 deals!

Do Tools Make a Good Gift?

Absolutely! For the right person, there really is no better gift than a tool. Homeowners, do it yourselfers, woodworkers, and anyone that enjoys tinkering with these things is going to appreciate the gift of a tool.

Tools are generally a little bit pricey but for many people, they are also very necessary. Your handy friends and family members are going to love receiving them as a gift without the need to purchase them for themselves. And of course, if you are just shopping for things for yourself, now is the perfect time to enhance your tool collection thanks to all of the great bargains that are available.

Now that you know why Makita tools make such great gifts, let’s finally take a look at the best Makita Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals guide!

What are the Best Makita Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

Makita T-01725 Bit Set

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This seventy piece drill bit set is the perfect accessory for any tool enthusiast that makes frequent use out of their Makita drill. Simply put, the more drill bits you have, the more versatile your tool becomes. This set is an excellent way to make your drill a little bit more useful than it already was.

If you, your friends, or family members own a power drill, this is an excellent Black Friday Makita sales opportunity.

Makita 15 Amp Hypoid Circular Saw

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The circular saw is one of the most versatile power tools in the world. Woodworkers, handymen, and do it yourselfers all are well-aware of just how useful this incredible tool is, and now you have the opportunity to get it on the cheap.

The fifteen-amp motor makes it very powerful, and its lightweight frame will help to allow you to use in a wider variety of ways.

Not everyone needs a circular saw but those that do will certainly appreciate this gift.

Makita CX200RB 18V Lithium

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This first item that we are to be looking at is a combination drill set that offers a powerful motor, an adjustable speed function, and an extremely ergonomic design that will keep you as comfortable as possible while you work.

It’s a dual pack giving you two drills for a more affordable price than you would get if you bought them both separately.

Pretty much everyone can benefit from the versatility of a power drill, so this will be an excellent gift for any homeowner!

Makita XPH102 18V LXT

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This next product is also a drill, but it is a solo package so if you only want one drill you’ll save some money pursing

this option. You’re still getting a powerful motor a comfortable design and a built-in LED light that will help make your work a little bit easier.

You’re also getting a heavy-duty case and a charger so that you can take your drill with you wherever you go.

Once again, this is an excellent gift!

Makita Battery For Makita BL1850 Replacement Battery


This next item is very obviously not going to be for everyone. This is, in fact, a package of replacement batteries for the Makita BL1850 drill. Needless to say, this isn’t an extremely exciting gift for someone that does not already own the drill.

Those who do have the drill, however, will certainly appreciate the backup batteries that will help them to work for long periods of time without needing to pause and recharge their tool.

Makita XT273R 18V LXT

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The penultimate tool on this list is another drill combo pack though it is available for a price that is a little bit more friendly on the wallet than the last one that we looked at. However, these tools are still powerful, compact and able to hold a charge for a long time.

While these drills are not quite as powerful as some of the others that we have looked at on this list, it is still an excellent opportunity for the average homeowner that is looking for a simple but reliable tool to help them with typical maintenance.

Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner


The final tool that we will be looking at today is the PJ7000 plate joiner—a powerful tool that comes equipped with a 5.6 amp motor that delivers 11,000 RPM.

Not everyone needs a plate joiner but for the woodworker, it really is a necessary tool that there is no doing without. This model is extremely versatile, and right now it is also affordable which makes it a great gift for the woodworker in your life.

Why Black Friday is Coming Early

The answer is simple, really. The Holidays are hectic and not everyone can participate in Black Friday (Nov 24, 2017) in its traditional format. Add to that fact that most people do their power-tool holiday shopping online now anyway, and there really is not any reason to stay married to the shopping holiday as it has always been done.

Cyber Monday is just the Monday right after and there are many special online deals available.

The result is an adjustment that gives consumers more opportunities to get excellent deals on some great tool products.


As you can see, Makita makes a lot of really great stuff. If you are into tools, you are going to want to add some of their products to your collection, and right now is the time to do it. If you are shopping for loved ones they are really going to appreciate your choice in gift.

Regardless, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the very best Makita Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

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