8 Items That Surprisingly Sell Well on eBay

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You already know about this busy marketplace where you sell your old laptop and buy toys from sci-fi movies. But if you dig deeper, you would be surprised by the other hidden gems people find on the site. There are a lot of unexpected items people are willing to pay for, and we have done all the leg work for you to identify them. If you plan to spend some time cleaning out your closet this holiday season, you could sell some of the items you no longer use. Read on to find out if you have an item listed in this article.

8 Items That Surprisingly Sell Well on eBay

1. Legos

If you put time into sorting your lego bricks, you will likely get more money for them. It is even better if you have a complete set. They usually sell for even more. Lego sets in unopened boxes are treated like a treasure on eBay. If you do not have a full set or don’t have the time to figure out all the pieces, you can list them on the site by sorting them by color and block type. If you have a lot of unsorted legos, you can sell them for a few dollars, but they will not make you as much as the complete sets. If not, you can donate them to some programs that work with children’s non-profits.

2. VHS Movies

Before we go any further, you should probably know that you will not sell them for a thousand dollars. While you will come about listings of urban legends listed for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but nobody ever pays for them. List these VHS movies on eBay, and someone could use coupons from this website to bring you some money. Besides, a quick search for some of the VHS movies that have found buyers on eBay will return results showing about $20 or somewhere around that price point.

3. Remote Controls

Do you have a damaged TV set or a stereo system that no longer works? eBay has a thriving market for second-hand remotes compatible with different TVs, stereos, and other gadgets. Some people prefer buying second-hand remotes with an actual TV set rather than going for programmable universal remotes. Sure they come at a more affordable price, but they never work as well as original remotes. You can earn a few dollars from selling remotes you no longer use. You can make even more if you choose to charge a shipping fee.

4. Car Parts

If you have an older car beyond repair, you can sell it to a junkyard, but they won’t pay more than a few hundred dollars for it. If you know your way around a car and the different tools, you can break it into individual parts and sell them on eBay for a guaranteed higher amount. It does require some knowledge and experience, but it is worth the time. What you could sell for a few hundred dollars will earn you up to ten times more on eBay.

5. Old Prescription Glasses

Based on most eye care insurance plans, many people get replacement glasses every two years. Even though the frames may have seen better days, you can still sell your drinks on eBay as long as they are still usable. How much you get for them depends on the brand and condition, but even a few dollars makes sense rather than having them in your drawer.

6. Used Golf Balls

This one is for those who do not mind doing a bit of collecting. The used golf ball market is a hundred million dollar industry, and you can even make it a full-time job. Scuba divers who search for stray balls in water bodies make the most, but you can also make a good amount if you live in an area where stray golf courses pop up every other day. The amount you get depends on the condition.

7. Broken Electrical Items

The old electrical item that is eating up space in your home could bring in some extra cash. If you cannot fix it, some else can. Better yet, they can use the components to fix another item. Make sure you mention the specifics and provide a brief description of the level of damage.

8. Used Crayons

Used Crayons

The broken crayon still has a lot to offer. You can melt them and make new crayons or make some homemade play putty. You can also sell them. Just like other products, the price varies depending on the brand and condition. You can make more from the sale by sorting them based on color. You can also donate to charities that collect used crayons and recycle them to donate to at-need and less fortunate children.

In summary, you can sell just about anything on eBay. If you have old remotes, used crayons, used golf balls, and old prescription glasses, log onto eBay and make some money. You could also get a few dollars for broken electrical items, car parts from your old car, VHS movies, and legos.

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