How to Play and Win Bubble Shooter Guide and Tricks

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When it comes to trying an arcade game like Bubble Shooter out, you might find yourself quickly wondering how to play Bubble Shooter and win. What steps can you take in the game to ensure that you keep beating your own high score?

How to Play and Win Bubble Shooter
There are actually some tricks/tips to know when playing Bubble Shooter that can help you master the arcade game style and earn more points than you previously thought possible.

In this guide, we’ll break down all of these tips that will take your Bubble Shooter score to the next level!

What You Need to Play and Win Bubble Shooter


  • All you need for this tutorial is Bubble Shooter and the device you play it on, and;
  • Time to practice these skills to continue to improve them


How to Win Bubble Shooter

Keep Your Eyes on What’s Ahead

When you’re surveying the playing field while you match up the same colored bubbles in Bubbles deluxe, it pays off to think ahead. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see not only your current bubble waiting to be fired off but a line behind it as well. Here, you can see what colors are coming up and make a plan with that information.

Isolate Same Colored Bubbles

When you’re trying to get a high score in Bubble Shooter, it pays off to take out large groups of the same colored bubbles at once. This means that it can help increase your score to isolate larger groups of bubbles together before taking them out.

Use Ricochet to Your Advantage

Remember, you don’t have to shoot all the bubbles directly into the playing field. The “walls” on either side of the playing field are useful in getting hard-to-reach shots too. By aiming at the walls, you can ricochet your bubble to get to bubbles that are difficult or impossible to reach by shooting at them directly. These types of shots are referred to as “bank shots.”

Pay Attention to the Aim Line

Directly pointing outward from the bubble that’s lined for you to shoot is the aim line. This little arrow tells you where the ball is going to go when you fire it. Make sure you pay attention to this. While the time constraint can feel pressing, it’ll pay off to take an extra second to carefully aim your shots.

Aim for Deeper Shots

It’s easy to take shots at the bubbles closest to you when you take a shot. However, it can pay off in the long run if you take shots at masses of similar bubbles that are deeper in the main mass. This is another tip where carefully taking aim with the aim line will help you.

Target Hanging Bubbles

While you’ve played Bubble Shooter, you’ve probably noticed that once in a while, a mass of same-colored bubbles will form with a few other-colored bubbles hang off of it, supported by nothing else. This offers you a chance to knock these bubbles off by taking out the same-colored bubbles they’re attached to.

Aim for Large Masses

When you start learning how to play Bubble Shooter, you learn that you can take out a wide range of sizes of groups of bubbles. This leaves you a choice: do you aim for the smaller masses or the larger ones? The best answer here is to aim for the larger masses to take down more bubbles at once.

Tackling Stubborn Bubbles

Sometimes, you just come across bubbles that aren’t close to any other bubbles of the same color. In these cases, it’s best to once again keep an eye on the upcoming colors you have in your bubbles. When you get multiple copies of the same color in a row, you can take out lone bubbles on the playing field.

Use Powerups Wisely

Powerups are a great help in Bubble Shooter to avoid sticky situations. To get the most out of them, only use them when you need them. Don’t waste a powerup on a board that’s easy to clear but instead save it for when you’re in a tight spot.


Did you enjoy our tips and tricks on how to play Bubble Shooter? If you did, let us know what you thought in the comments! Remember, these tips are most useful when paired with practice, just like with any other game,

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