Best Slip and Slide for Adults and Kids (2019): Upgrade Your Summer Fun

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Children are out of school and the days are longer – summer is the perfect time for fun in the sun. Since it’s so hot out, though, you might be looking for a fun way to cool down while you’re outside. Great choices that we’re going to look at today is inflatable water slides.

Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids and Adults

If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. Our review of the best inflatable water slides will help you upgrade your backyard in no time.

Our Top Inflatable Water Slide Recommendation

Any of the inflatable water slides we’re going to look at here are great choices. Our top recommendation, though, is the Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard water slide. It easily connects to your backyard hose and promises to provide hours of fun.

What’s the Difference Between Kids’ and Adults’ Slides?

The main difference here is size. If a child is sliding, they need less space because they don’t take up as much room. If an adult tried to ride a child’s water slide, they’ll probably find that the slide is too short to comfortably use.

Alternatively, most kids will be able to use adult water slides.

Our Top Slip and Slide Reviews: Which Will Be the Best Choice for You?

Almost all inflatable water slides bring some extra fun to your backyard, there are definitely options that stand out as a cut above the rest. Here, you can browse our top five picks.

Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard Water Slide

WOW World of Watersports 18-2200 Mega Slide, Giant Backyard Waterslide
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The Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard Water Slide is at the top of our list for good reason. It’s going to last you a long time and offer you plenty of great features. Some of the biggest draws to this product include:

  • Mega sized: The first thing you’ll notice about this slide is that it’s massive. It measures in at 25’ x 6’. You can also link up to four slides end-to-end, so you can make a massive, 100-foot slide.
  • Durable PVC: This large water slide is made with durable, heavy-duty PVC that isn’t going to puncture or tear anytime soon. It’s also extra thick, which helps to protect riders from any rocks or sticks underneath the slide. Since the PVC is slick and embossed, you aren’t going to need to add soap to make it slick enough to use.
  • Embedded sprinkler system: The slide has an embedded sprinkler system that sprays water in a zig-zag pattern. This allows the water to cover every inch of the slide. You can set it up by simply connecting a standard hose.
  • Slide stake straps: You can use the slide stake straps to secure the slide into place. So, you won’t have to worry about the slide slipping while you ride it.

Wahii Water Slide

Wahii WaterSlide 75' x 12' Backyard Lawn Water Slide
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The Wahii Water Slide is an absolutely massive slide with a length of 75’ and a 12’ width. It’s also one of the most straightforward and simplest slides on our list. Here are some features that make it stand out:

  • UV-protected plastic: This slide is made of UV-protected plastic. This means that you aren’t going to see it fade over time. Additionally, the surface is also smooth and easy to slide on. It can hold up to 256 lbs per square foot, so everyone can ride! Thanks to its large size, it’s safe to use with multiple people even though it doesn’t have separation barriers.
  • Just use a standard hose or sprinkler: This water slide doesn’t have any built in sprinklers. Instead, it’s meant to use your hose or sprinkler directly. Just aim the slide downhill and place your hose or sprinkler at the top of the hill so it sprays down the slide.
  • S. Patented fastening system: The fastening system of this slide makes it particularly safe for use. While it looks simple, it has a system for locking it into place by fastening it into the ground. You can easily unfasten the slide after you’re done to store it.

Intex Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center

Intex Surf 'N Slide Inflatable Play Center
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The Intex Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center has a fun design that gives it a little more height than the flat slides we’ve looked at so far. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Sized for kids: This is a water slide that’s made for kids, so it has a smaller size. It measures in at 15’1” L x 5’6” W x 5’2” H. It also uses strong vinyl that isn’t going to puncture easily and gets slick enough to use just from the spray of the sprinkler. All you need to do is attach a standard hose up to the slide.
  • Fun shark design: The slide has a fun shark design that kids will love. The mouth of the shark forms the top of the slide.
  • Extra safety features: Since this is a slide for kids, safety is crucial. This slide inflates off the ground, so there isn’t the chance of any debris under the slide will cause any injury. The slide also has a raised, inflated barrier around the slide to make sure riders don’t fall or slide off. It also comes with a pair of surf riders to help kids safely ride down.

Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide

Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double
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The Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide is one of the classic options on our list – for some Slip ‘N Slide is used almost interchangeably with backyard water slides. This slide doesn’t disappoint either. Some of its best features include:

  • Double lanes: If you’re looking for a slide that works for a larger crowd, you’ll appreciate the double sliding lanes on this inflatable water slide. It also comes with a pair of slide boogies for safer sliding.
  • Strong material: This slide is made of strong plastic that isn’t going to rip or tear during use. It will also get slick readily once the hose is connected and the sprinklers are on. It also won’t fade from repeated use in the sun.
  • Sized for kids: The Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide is made for children between the ages of 5 and 12. It has a 16’ length and a small pool with a barrier on the far end. This helps to make sure riders don’t slide past the end of the slide. It also helps to keep water on the slide and keep it slick.
  • Slide anchors: The slide features slide anchors to help keep the slide safely in place.

Banzai Triple Racer Water Slide

BANZAI Triple Racer Water Slide with 3 Bonus Body Boards
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The Banzai Triple Racer is the last entry on our list of best flip and slide reviews but it definitely doesn’t lack on quality. Here are some of the features that you’ll appreciate:

  • 3 sliding lanes: This slide has an 82” width with 3 separated sliding lanes. This makes it a great choice for larger families or parties. There are also small water pools with a barrier at the end of the slide to prevent riders from going too far. The slide also comes with 3 inflatable body boards to keep everyone safe while they ride.
  • Sized for Kids: This is another water slide that’s sized for kids. It’s meant for children aged 5 through 12 and its 16’ length supports this. The small pool at the end of the slide gives an extra cooling splash of water on hot days.
  • Easy to set up: Perhaps best of all is that you don’t have to take all afternoon to set this slide up. All you need to do is connect it to your garden hose and then the sprinklers on the sides and end of the slide will start spraying.

Why Buy an Inflatable Water Slide?

The basic reason to buy an inflatable water slide is this: it’s fun! Whether you’re having a summer cookout, hosting a birthday party, or just having a day outside with your family, an inflatable water slide is a great way to liven things up. They’re also an easy addition to your yard as many of these need only use a water hose to set them up.

Buying Considerations – How to Choose the Best Slide

There are certain factors you’ll want to consider when you want to purchase an inflatable water slide. Here are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Size: The first thing you’ll want to consider is the size of the water slide you want. The biggest factor here is if you want a kids’ slide or an adult slide. Like we mentioned before, if you want a slide for the whole family, it’s best to go with a bigger slide that everyone will fit on.
    Remember, the larger the water slide, it’s likely to cost more. The size should also depend on the size of your yard. The last thing you want is to purchase a huge inflatable slide only to realize it’s too big for your backyard.
  • Features: You’ll also want to consider any extra features that a slide offers. Some are simplistic and straight to the point – it’s a slide with no extra accessories. On the other hand, some inflatable slides include features such as a pool for water play. Water slides with many features such as the ones you see at large events are often rented rather than bought but they can be a great investment if you want to use it frequently.
  • Number of users: Single slides aren’t usually made for multiple people to use at once. If someone slides down before the previous person is off the slide, there is a risk for injury. If you’re going to have multiple people using a slide at once, it’s better to choose a slide with multiple lanes. These allow people to use slide lanes side-by-side with a separating barrier to ensure riders don’t hit one another.
  • Material: The material of the water slide is also important. You are going to want to make sure it’s not going to puncture or tear easily. There are also water slides that are coated to ensure easy sliding. This will prevent you from having to add soap to make sliding possible.

Common Customer Questions

Q: Do you need a slope to use a flat water slide?

A: Generally, no. Most inflatable water slides are made with material that makes them slick enough to slide on without needing a downhill slope to increase the effect. That being said, a downhill slope isn’t going to hurt. It’s best to not position your water slide so that you’re trying to slide uphill.

Q: Does an inflatable slide need to be set up on grass?

A: Yes, you should only set your inflatable water on grass. Setting it up in a driveway or on a sidewalk is a good way for someone to get hurt. This is especially true for slides where the rider lays on a board on their belly.

Q: Are inflatable water slides easy to store?

A: This depends greatly on the model you choose. However, most are made to easily stow away when they aren’t in use. Since these are inflatable slides, when you aren’t using them, they’re going to be smaller than when they’re in use. It’s often difficult to fit water slides back into the package they came in but you can still fold them up tightly for storage in a closet or garage.

Q: Are inflatable water slides safe?

A: Yes! A big reason that inflatable slides are so popular is because they’re made with safety in mind. They also have high manufacturing standards which DIY water slides don’t. To make sure riders stay safe, though, it’s important to follow the safety guidelines of your slide.

Wrap Up

A flip and slide can turn your backyard into an exciting playland. It can help you cool down as you spend time outside and can make for fun, family bonding. For the best inflatable slide, we recommend the WOW World of Watersports Mega Slide but any of these options are going to kick off your summer right.

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