Need New Running Shoes? Here’s How to Choose!

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If you are a first-time runner, or have recently picked up the activity as a new hobby, firstly – congratulations! It is not easy to get a new habit up and running, so before things get too involved, let’s talk about the different things to bear in mind when you need to get a new pair. Starting off right will save you a lot of hassle and injury later, so let’s get on with the good stuff!

how to choose new running shoes

Although it is super tempting to bust the door down whenever you see an Asics shoes sale, you need to take a step back and think about everything that affects your running – the style of running, the location and landscape, and your own anatomy. Contrary to what you might believe, running is not “just running”, and it is vital that you find that right pair before giving anyone your money.

Interesting Facts

It has been said that almost 80% of runners run in the wrong type of shoes! This is crazy, but the prevalence of running-related injuries back up this number as being highly likely. Before you hit one of the Asics stores in AU, you need to be very clear on what type of running is your preference: long distance, sprinting or trail running?

If long-distance is your thing, you will need a shoe with a more cushioned sole, as it will protect your joints from the jarring motion of impact. In the long run, this is the best way to prevent strains and other injuries, so make sure you have enough padding to protect your feet.

Lightweight shoes with a responsive sole are best for those who enjoy sprinting. If you are a sprinter, look out for something with good grip, but a sole that is not too thick or heavy.

Trail runners need off-road capability, and as such, their shoes need to be able to handle rough environmental conditions underfoot. Grip and stability is vital.

How far will you end up running?

Remember that long distance means cushioning! Marathon runners need the support and impact protection of a cushioned shoe, to help protect their bones and joints from repetitive impact over a long distance, while a softer shoe is also a great help in preventing chafing and blistering.

Comfort, regardless of what stage of your race (or even just your training!) you are on, will greatly affect whether you are able to stick with the activity in the long run.

Where do you want to run?

If you have any vision of becoming a long-distance runner at all, the keyword is cushioning! Cushioning comes with wearing the right shoes, so bear in mind that wearing trail running shoes for road running, or the other way around, is asking for trouble. Shoes are designed to handle the challenges you can expect from a certain environment. If you end up on a muddy slide in shoes with no grip, you might as well kiss your ankles goodbye. However, wear shoes with the right soles and grip for those circumstances, and you won’t even think about the terrain being a challenge.

Know how you pronate

Pronation is the technical term for the way the feet naturally roll during footfall, and this has a major biomechanical impact on the rest of your body. Your weight, posture and build all affect your pronation.

When your feet roll inwards when you run, it is known as overpronation, while a foot that relies mostly on the outer edge of the foot, is referred to as one that underpronate. Either one of these cases can be addressed by wearing the correct corrective shoes. Overpronators tend to benefit from shoes that offer extra support under the arches, while extra cushioning can take most of the edge off of underpronating. 

What is the budget?

At the end of the day, it will also come down to budget. Buying the best you can afford is a good strategy, but the staff at any of the Asics stores in Australia will be able to guide you on how to find the best shoes for your budget. Use what you know about your running preferences and style, and if you bear these in mind when making your choices, you will have success in your search!

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