All You Need To Know About Trampolines

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The trampoline is a truly classic backyard too that is a worthy addition to any home. Fun for kids (and adults for that matter) of all ages, there is still plenty you need to know before you take the step of adding one of these bad boys to your house.

All You Need To Know About Trampolines

In this article, we look at the history and overall safety facts of the classic trampoline. Read on for everything you could need to know!

When were Trampolines Invented?

Before we dive into what it takes to add a trampoline to your home it may be worthwhile to review the history of this proud piece of athletic equipment.

The modern trampoline first made its debut in 1934 at the University of Iowa where it was invented by one Larry Griswald.

Griswald designed the tool with the intention of helping top tier athletes prepare for the Olympics.he was of the mind that the trampoline could naturally hone the muscles that are needed for swimming, diving, and gymnastics.

And while the trampoline did prove itself useful in the department of athletic training, it was also popular in its own right. People flocked to this new product, both for its ability to provide entertainment and for the new athletic opportunities it created. Athletes could now hone their abilities on the tramp itself.

Today, people use the trampoline for fun, and with the intention of exercise, and athletic training. What’s better than a piece of equipment that works you out while helping you have a blast.

Are Trampolines Safe?

Trampolines get a bad rap for being dangerous. We’ve all heard horror stories about trampoline accidents gone horrible wrong. Perhaps we’ve even experienced our own bumps and bruises at the hands of their tramp.

But is this really a dangerous piece of equipment, or can it be used safely when proper precautions are taken?

It is true that trampolines leave approximately 300,000 injured each year. However, more than one-fourth of these are due to improper use, and many more could be avoided by following best practices.
There are several tips that can go a long way towards improving the safety factor of your trampoline.

  • Monitor the Number of Jumpers: The more jumpers on the tramp at once, the more dangerous the experience becomes. Fortunately, most tamps come with very clear guidelines on how many people can jump at once. Follow these guidelines to significantly reduce the risks.
  • Supervision is Key: When used properly, trampolines are rarely dangerous. However, is it really reasonable to expect children to prioritize their own safety with a tool that is as fun as the trampoline? Kids will make mistakes. Supervise your children’s time on the trampoline to sharply reduce the risk.
  • One Jumper at A Time: While numerous people may be inside the tramp at once, it is best that only one person is using it to jump at a time. The more activity going on at once, the more dangerous the tramp becomes.
  • The net is Your Friend: A simple safety net can go a long way towards ensuring that most of the serious injuries that are commonly associated with tramps are eliminated. Nets are simple to install and very affordable, so there is no excuse not to get one.
  • No Funny Business: It may be fun to act a fool in the trampoline but it is also extremely dangerous. To really avoid injuries, you need to make sure that your jumpers are engaging in best practices. This means no ridiculous flips, dangerous dives, or belly buttons. See more at

By following these simple, fair rules, you can go a long way towards reducing injuries and keeping the people you love safe.

What Size Do Trampolines Come in?

Trampolines range in size and can come in anywhere from 6-19 feet in size. Typically, bigger trampolines tend to cost more money. However, they also come with a range of different benefits. For example, bigger trampolines allow you to have more jumpers on at once. If you have a lot of children, or if your house is a hotspot for the neighborhood kids this can be an invaluable feature to have.

There is also a safety factor to keep in mind. It’s very dangerous to have an excessive number of jumpers on the tramp. Bigger tramps eliminate the risk of this.

However, they also tend to cost more, and they are not very suitable to buyers that have smaller yards. As with anything, you will need to base your ultimate buying decision on a number of personal factors. The good news is that if you buy a quality product, you can get good results regardless of the size.

What are Trampolines Made of?

Trampolines are made of several key ingredients: tubing, a jumping mat, springs, and support pads. Galvanized steel is then incorporated to account for the support base. Understand, though, that these components factor only for the basic trampoline itself. Important accessories, such as the safety net, may involve netting, foam, plastics or other materials not listed here.

Different manufacturers may also have a unique way of putting their trampolines together. However, these four basic ingredients should all combine to create a safe and effective product that your child will love.


Let’s go over what we’ve learned. The trampoline is a very old and effective tool that has been around for decades, with the purpose of recreation, and athletic training. Are trampolines safe? While they may not be as safe as not jumping on a trampoline, the truth of the matter is that rumors of danger are exaggerated.

It isn’t the trampoline itself that causes harm: its improper use. If you follow strict rules and invest in quality equipment, your children won’t contribute to the startling trampoline injury statistics.

Should you buy a trampoline? As far as we are concerned, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Not only are trampolines a ton of fun, but they are also a great way for your kid to get much-needed exercise. What are you waiting for? Check out Trampolines Reviewed and find out if a backyard trampoline is right for your family today!

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