7 Simple Ways to Integrate the Rustic Vibe

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The space we live in can affect the way we live, the way we think, and the way we feel. Our very own space design can directly affect the state of our physical and mental state. Think of your house or space as a painting. When we look at a painting, it instigates a certain emotional pull from us and it can help us be creative.

Simple Ways to Integrate Rustic Vibe

From industrial design, contemporary, art deco to victorian, each respective design caters for a specific and particular set of people. But if you feel like you thrive in a warm environment, surrounded by natural textures and organic material then maybe a rustic design style is for you.

In order to have that rustic atmosphere, you need to incorporate natural feels, textured material, and earthy tones. Here are some ways to integrate rustic vibe to your space.

Keep An Open Floor Plan

In order to have a balanced and pleasant rustic atmosphere at home, you need to have adequate space. Rustic vibes tend to lean more on the darker spectrum of colors and if you happen to have a cramped space then it will result to feeling constrained. Defer using dividers or wall, instead use furniture to make a division on every section of your home.

Use Chunky Rough Pieces

Whether it’s a décor, or a furniture, it needs to be a chunky rugged piece. Rustic style has a more warm masculine energy and if you put dainty, fragile and delicate items somewhere then it feels and looks totally out of place. Think solid wood made with rough uneven cuts.

Put Plants

Putting live plants is the epitome of rustic design, after all it is all about being organic and natural. You do not need to make a garden out of this. (But if you could why not?) Make sure you strategically place them on the right corners of your house to make everything looking organized. And take note that not all plants are perfect indoors. You need to consider how frequent you are going to water them, the type of maintenance they require and whether they give off odor.

Make Use Of Worn Out Materials

Whether it’s a weathered wood, a distress metal or a tarnished glass, you can make use of it to enhance rustic vibes in your space. You can use these items for your walls, cabinets or even furniture. The historic look that comes with these resources impeccable complements a rustic design style.

Increase Texture

Adding a layer of texture can bring life, dynamics and character to your rustic home. Apart from chipped wood and olden metal, woven items like basket and blankets can greatly compliment your space. Wool, burlap, linen, and cotton also appears to be a good candidate.

Place Some Art

It does not have to an expensive piece of painting, or a stimulating sculpture, as long as it displays vintage, unique, and natural illustration it will work. Apart from adding that much needed touch of rustic vibe, but art work like these can also demonstration your character. It can also be used as a conversation starter. If you got no money to spare, doing your own artwork is not a bad thing. As long as you are using materials that evoke rustic feel.

Avoid Painting

Avoid painting walls, furniture and ceiling. Old weathered wood has a character to look impressive and enough hue to give a rustic impression. The flakiness, graininess and natural tone of it is the perfect definition of rustic design. Consider it as a form of badge on the history it has been through and that is what makes it much more interesting that a painted wall.

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