Your Jaw Will Drop When You See What This Skateboarding Cat Does.. Amazing

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Skateboarding Cat

If you’re like me you’ve probably seen millions of videos of cats doing tricks on the internet. While this is a video of a cat doing tricks let me tell you you this is anything BUT your typical cute cat trick video. When I saw it my jaw dropped I was so amazed.

There have been videos of cats on skateboards before, but never before has a cat ridden a skateboard like Digga. Digga’s video has over 6 million views and you will see why when you watch. This cat doesn’t just ride a skateboard- he masters it, performing anything but typical tricks.

Digga jumps from board to rail and back again, jumps over signs while the board is moving and even steers and pedals. He can even tilt the board and spin on it. However all that is nothing compared to his most impressive trick and the highlight of the video: jumping over a really big (and not too friendly) Rottweiler and landing right on her board again. He then does it again on another dog just to show that trick was no fluke.

To complete the video, Digga rides off with the prettiest kitty he can find- naturally!

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