How to Find the Right Quartz Countertop Color for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Wondering how to choose a countertop color? In this post, we’ll take a look at the criteria experts use to find the best hues for a given scenario. Adopting these principles will help you think like a seasoned interior designer.

How to Find the Right Quartz Countertop Color

How to Choose a Countertop Color: 7 Principles

1. Your Interior Decorating Tastes Will Change Over Time

Your tastes in kitchen decor will change over time. Luckily, there are many kitchen items that you can replace easily and for relatively little money. Photos, artwork, and even wall paint can be swapped out with ease.

Countertops, however, are a significant investment. For those wondering how to pick a countertop color, one of the most important considerations is finding a hue that will provide maximum flexibility down the road.

This is why white countertops are an undeniable classic. They create the perfect canvas for other, more adventurously-colored, elements.

2. Reputable Countertop Manufacturers Will Rarely Fail You

If you’re perplexed as far as how to choose a kitchen countertop color, you’ll be relieved to know that reputable manufacturers will rarely fail you.

For one, they’ll provide you samples you can use to gauge how various colors fit into your kitchen. Secondly, popular quartz countertop manufacturers like Caesarstone (click read more to discover their color range) tend to stick to classic hues. This is key for them to stay competitive.

Of course, it’s still possible to pick a color from one of these manufacturers that doesn’t suit your needs. However, the hue will still be workable.

3. Never Buy Before You Try

This is a key tip concerning how to pick out a countertop color. Smart interior designers always request samples before buying (or even mentally settling on) a particular countertop color. Photographs really do not accurately portray most colors. They may be better or worse-looking in person.

Simply visiting a store and seeing the countertop isn’t ideal, either. You need to actually get a sample and compare it (in your own home, under your own lighting) to the elements you hope to match it with.

4. Determine What the Major Elements In Your Room Are

You’d be surprised at how many people approach the question of how to choose a quartz countertop color in isolation. It’s a common mistake among amateurs, who often end up unable to determine why their quartz countertops just don’t feel right.

Consider the major elements in your kitchen. Among interior designers, the following are the most oft-cited:

  • appliances
  • cabinets
  • hardware
  • flooring
  • seating
  • accent pieces like light fixtures

Determine which of these contributes to the attributes of your current kitchen that you appreciate most. Then, choose a quartz countertop color that compliments (or even matches) it.

5. When In Doubt, Work Backwards

If you find yourself stuck as far as how to choose a countertop color for your kitchen, work backwards. That is, choose the accessories and then decide what countertop will best compliment them.

This works best if you have a general idea of the kitchen theme you’re going for.

For example, imagine you’re fond of a particular era. Even if your taste in the accessories themselves change, you can always find other pieces from that era. The countertop color you chose to match those previous pieces will still be relevant.

6. Another Option: Start With The Countertops

This may seem counterintuitive to the last point but hey — we never said these points were mutually inclusive! Rather, this option works best if you don’t necessarily have a particular theme you’re going for in your kitchen.

This is actually an enviable position to be in. It allows you to approach the question of how to choose a kitchen countertop color in a very organic way. In other words, you get to choose a countertop color that speaks to you and then coordinate other elements to match. This strategy works best if you’re doing a full kitchen remodel. If you’re simply replacing the countertop while leaving other elements in place, you need to be more picky.

7. Keep It Simple

Among people wondering how to pick a countertop color, overcomplication is common. You may think that your countertops have to be bold and adventurously-colored in order to make a statement. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Your countertop can be bold in a supporting role. That is, it can complement other, more easily-changed bold surfaces.  (Note: It doesn’t matter if it matches your garbage-disposal color as it stays inside under your sink).

White is among the best quartz countertop color for achieving this. From veined, marble-like white quartz to stark white, you have a variety of options with this hue as well.

How to Pick Out a Countertop Color: Conclusion

The principles we explored in this piece should give you a solid understanding of how interior designers choose colors for their countertops. To summarize, keeping things simple, sticking to reputable manufacturers, and requesting samples before you buy will ensure you end up with a hue that suits you for decades to come.

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