5 DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Office You’ll Fall For

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If you want to deck the halls, the halls of your office or store that is, it’s easier than you think. It’s also important; no matter where you work or what you do, feeling festive and in the season will brighten your day and anyone who visits. And with my 5 DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Office, you’ll have your space looking fall-bulous without breaking the bank- or a sweat!

DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Office

Decorating, especially when you’re doing it all yourself, feels like a massive undertaking, but as someone who has done this for years, I promise you it’s not. With the right materials and supplies, you can transform any space, whether it’s a home office or a corporate office in the middle of downtown. The key is knowing what to use and how which I’m going to help you with. I also have a great infographic, courtesy of Quill, showing you 7 easy-to-follow and affordable DIY projects.

Tip 1: Know Your Colors & Fabrics

Fall is all about warm colors and textures; think burnt orange, gold, brown, cable knits and flannels. Using them in your office, or workplace can really give it a different feel. For larger offices, you could get different color chair covers or make a cute pumpkin or fall leaf chalkboard like on the infographic to put all the office announcements and events.

Tip 2: Maximize Your Space

You may think your office is too small, or there’s not enough space on the walls to decorate, but you’re wrong. No matter the size, there are ways to incorporate fall elements; you just need to be creative and use all of your space. Here are a couple of places and ways to get that autumn feeling:

  • Windows: If you have a window you can use fall fabrics, like plaid for a window dressing, or line the window sill with acorns; you can even put colorful leaves on the window panes.
  • Desks: Place fall scented candles on your desk, or take a small pumpkin, scrape it out, paint it and use it as a pencil/pen holder. If you have a big office, have all your workers make one.
  • Floors/Doorways: A woven accent rug in fall colors or a wreath of leaves you collect from outside are great ways to bring fall indoors.

Tip 3: Use What You Have

Fall is all about nature, from the fresh crisp air and warm colors to the yummy scents; which is what makes decorating so easy and inexpensive. You can use things you have, like leaves and twigs from your front yard or leftover pumpkins from Halloween, and with some glue and paint, voila- you have a fun, festive piece for your office. Here are some great ways to do it:

  • Get paints in metallics, oranges, and browns to paint acorns to string across the wall or jazz up pumpkins to decorate the doorway.
  • Use corn husks to accent desks or attach them to votive candles using ribbon and glue for a subtle autumn touch.

Tip 4: Less Is More

You don’t need to go crazy to take your office from sterile to striking. Invest in one or 2 main pieces then build around them here and there. For instance, create a wreath for the door using holly, twine, and berries, then put a mason jar filled with berries in complimentary colors on your desk. Again, use nature in simple ways to add that autumn touch; you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to get the desired effect.

Tip 5: Be Creative

Using outdoor elements in unconventional ways can help you create some amazing pieces that will have everyone in your office smiling. You can do things like carve pumpkins into nameplates for a desk or take acorns, scent them with vanilla and put them in a little tin for a desk decoration.

I hope my 5 DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Office gives you some great ideas to take your space to the next level. Whether you work from home or manage a big office, these tips and projects can be used to make it feel like fall in an instant. These ideas are inexpensive, easy, and best of all will brighten your mood, making work a bit more merry.

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