31 DIY Living Room Projects Brighten Up Your Home

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Are you looking for a way to change up your living room? If so, you don’t have to shell out half of your bank account to do so. These DIY projects won’t just give you a new look but a pretty unique one as well.

DIY Living Room Projects Brighten Up Your Home

1. Brass Chandelier: Light Up Your Life

One Kings Lane

A chandelier is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your living room. You can add a quirky spin on this trend with this brass chandelier.

2. DIY Picture Frames: A Rustic Touch

Jenna kate at home

Your living room should show your personality and your favorite photos can help this! These faux pallet frames bring a homey element to the room.

3. A Moroccan Light

Creme dela craft

Moroccan design is colorful and these candle holders will really pop in any living room. Since they’re hand-painted, you can really personalize these.

4. Crates for Books

Tara michelle interiors

Old crates can lend themselves to a lot of different DIYs. If you’re a book lover, you’ll love having this crate bookcase in your living room.

5. Brighten Your Day with a Swing Lamp


A swing lamp lets you get light right where you need it. This swing lamp is great for late-night reading on the couch!

6. Coffee and Copper


A beautiful coffee table can really bring a living room together. If you want to try some metalwork out, this copper coffee table will give you a beautiful result.

7. Cart Your Coffee Table In


Here’s another interesting coffee table choice! This is a solid-bodied choice with the twist of wheels for legs.

8. Cushy Cushions


With a little knitting, you can have a comfortable throw pillow to keep on your couch. This soft cushion is great to curl up with on a night of binge-watching.

9. Mid-Century Storage

Sugar and cloth

There’s only one thing better than a cute side table: a cute side table with hidden storage. This will give you a little extra space for storing small items.

10. Pallet Wood Lamp: Upcycled Light

Diy joy

We’re back to upcycling material with this pallet wood lamp! It’s a great way to take some material you already have and make a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture.

11. DIY Sofa (You Can Really Make Your Own!)

Fall for diy

When it comes to big focal pieces, you might not think a DIY is an option. With this guide, though, you’ll be able to build your own couch!

12. Impressive Ottoman


Storage space, a coffee table, and floor cushions? This ottoman DIY is 3-for-3 in these categories.

13. Old Shutters, New Benches

Liz marie blog

You might think your old shutters are no good but you can give them a second life as a bench. This is a great way to add extra seating to the room.

14. Storage Behind the Couch?


We don’t often think of the space behind the couch as storage space. However, this narrow table makes it possible.

15. Honeycomb Shelves

A beautiful mess

Playing with shapes is a good way to make a unique space. These honeycomb shelves are sure to impress visitors.

16. Handy Drink Perch

Francois et moi

This is a particularly handy idea if you’re working with a small room. This drink perch hooks over the arm of a couch and works as a small table.

17. Massive Pom Pom Throw


Remember that pom pom throw pillow from earlier? This pom pom throw blanket will fit with it perfectly!

18. Your Very Own Drapes


Drapes are a great way to control the light in the room and maintain privacy. You can make your own with this tutorial.

19. A Nautical Wrap


Twine wrapped vases are an interesting decoration piece. They’re also great if you want to give the room a beachfront feel.

20. Corner Shelves

House of rose

Corners are often neglected but they’re excellent for storage. You can follow this tutorial to add some vertical storage to these spaces.

21. Floating Shelves (Save Even More Space!)


Speaking of vertical storage, you don’t need full bookcases to provide shelves. These floating shelves give you more storage while still saving space.

22. Crate Bed for Your Furry Friend


We’re back to repurposed crates again. This time, with a little work, they can provide a place for man’s best friend.

23. A Home for Plants

Vintage revivals

If you keep plants in your home, you should consider giving them their own space to literally hand out. These leather swings will help elevate your in-home botany.

24. Weave Your Own Rug

A beautiful mess

Hardwood living rooms can be warmed up with a rug. You can make your own when you know how to weave it.

25. Strie Paint Pop


Solid paint colors can get old after a while. Using a Strie painting DIY, you can layer colors for a tone that pops.

26. Heat Things Up with a Faux Fireplace


Fireplaces have an elegant look but the operation isn’t always practical. You can create your own faux fireplace that will add the look without the heat.

27. Wood Pallet Walls


Anyone can change up paint, but changing textures can really breathe life into a room. Follow these steps to turn pallets into a beautiful accent wall.

28. Stay Warm with a Blanket Ladder


Everyone wants to stay cozy on their couch. Making a blanket ladder is a good way to keep some throw blankets on hand.

29. A Woven-Leather Place to Sit

Sugar and cloth

This leather seat might look hard to make but it really isn’t! It gives your room a unique and sophisticated focal piece too.

30. Tripod Lamp

The painted hive

If you have a music tripod around, you can make a tripod lamp. This adds not only light but character to a living room as well.

I love these DIY products for your living room. They’re a great way to add not only a personalized look but add some functionality to the room too! Not only that, they’re fun to try out flex your DIY muscles. Please give us your opinion on these projects in the comments below.

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