Meet The Extraordinary Bunny Cat That’s Taking The Media By Storm

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Recently, the media has been buzzing about Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, a very special cat with a very special story. From ABC News to social media this precious cat has been making headlines due to her special condition: she was born with only her 2 back legs, earning her the nickname Bunny Cat.

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Thanks to her fierce determination and sweet disposition Lil’ Bunny already has 50,000 Instagram followers and has become a role model for many. Let’s learn more about this incredible cat and why she has won the hearts of so many, so quickly.

An Up Close Look At Lil’ Bunny

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Lil’ Bunny, a mixed Siamese cat, found a home with Jackie Deak Akey after being surrendered to the veterinary clinic where Akey works in New Orleans. Akey says the minute she saw this precocious kitty she knew she had to take her home and she is so glad she did. Lil’ Bunny may be handicapped, but it does not define who she is.

She plays and moves around all day long, going toe to toe with Akey’s other 2 cats when she wants a to and even tackling them when she’s feeling extra frisky . Lil’Bunny can feed herself, grab toys with her teeth and hops very quickly, so she never lags behind. Since she was born without her front legs she learned to adjust from a young age, so she can do everything a cat should do, and more.

How Lil’ Bunny Became Famous

Bunny Cat’s story might not ever have been told if it wasn’t for Akey’s sister-in-law, who started her Instagram page. Within 24 hours Lil’ bunny had 20,000 followers and Akey realized her story needed to be told. From there they set up a Facebook page, so everyone can learn more about her condition and how she overcame it.

Roux showing off her jumping skills! ✨

A video posted by Roux! (@lilbunnysueroux) on

Her videos and pictures, showing her hopping from room to room or grabbing a toy string, will strike a chord with anyone and everyone. Akey is hoping to raise awareness about animals with special needs and animal adoption through these photos and videos.

A Very Special Message

Lil’ Bunny may be a cat, but that doesn’t mean others with disabilities can’t learn and be inspired from her. This little warrior shows that with the right attitude and determination anything can be done. Her story can also shed light on the need to adopt animals of all shapes and sizes. Just because a cat or dog has a disability doesn’t mean they can’t be a productive member of the family or will be a financial drain. All animals need and want to be loved and they want to give love too. Adopting a pet, whether it has 2 legs or 4 is something everyone should consider. It will improve their life and yours.

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Bunny Cat, as you can see, is a fighter and a true inspiration to every life she touches. You can send her and Akey a message through her Facebook page or leave a comment on her Instagram to let her know how she has touched your heart. You can also share this story with friends and family so she can bring some light and love to their lives as well.

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