Best Portable Ice Maker (2020) Comparison Reviews

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There’s nothing like a portable ice maker to change the way you cool things down around your home –or wherever else. Of course, ice has plenty of uses and having it readily available can make your life far easier for when you want or need it. For this reason, we’d like to present to you a list of the best portable ice maker options out there.

Best Portable Ice Maker

Our Top Recommendation

If you aren’t much of a reader, have no fear. We’ll let you know right here, right now that the Thinkgizmos Counter Top Ice Maker is our absolute favorite choice here on our list. In our eyes, it takes all of the great ideas from every other product and brings it into one high performance package. So, for that quick, icy fix, go with Thinkgizmos!

What are Our Top 5 Portable Ice Makers? Which one is the Best?

Thinkgizmos Counter Top Ice Maker (Our Best Seller 2020)

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This ice maker is yet another perfect option for creating larger quantities of ice for whenever you need it. Thinkgizmos has used every ounce of their engineering smarts to put out this lovely product which boasts features like:

  • Quick Freezing Times: In about 6 minutes, this ice maker gets the job done. Looking at any other ice maker out there, this appears to set or tie an industry best mark. For this reason, this ice maker moves instantly a cut above the rest.
  • 3 Ice Cube Sizes: Unlike many other ice makers we could find, this particular model gives you the option to create cubes of three different sizes. Just adjust the unit on its front panel and you’ll get three different dimensions of ice.
  • 12 Month Warranty: Thinkgizmo stands by their products – and they mean it. To prove this to their customers, the TG22 comes with a one year warranty. This is just about as long as a warranty you could ask for with an ice maker and guarantees you will be getting great ice for at least a year.

But what are owners of Thinkgizmos ice makers saying? Well, exactly what you want to hear about them as a prospective buyer. Many reviewers say the one thing that you want to hear when you are on a search for a product: “It’s better than the other ice makers I have owned previously.” This shows that this model is superior in ways that matter to customers and often in ways that they didn’t expect. For this reason, you should be giving some serious consideration to Thinkgizmos’ ice maker while you are hunting for your next ice making appliance.

Gourmia GI110 Compact Portable Ice Maker  (Best portable ice maker for camping)

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The first ice maker we looked at comes from Gourmia. Their ice maker is a deserving candidate to be on our list for a variety of reasons like:

  • High Ice Production: This ice maker is serious, producing 26 pounds of ice a day. Although it is small, it is mighty. It holds 2 pounds of ice at once, making it great for road trips, parties, and any setting where ice is needed.
  • Fast Freezing: The system that this ice maker employs creates ice quick and crisp. Once you’ve turned on your unit, you’ll have 9 pieces of ice in just 10 minutes.
  • Full Guarantee: Gourmia stands by its products and lets you return the ice maker if it does not completely satisfy your every whim. All it takes is an email and you’ll get a refund – not that we think this will be necessary.

As a testament to the greatness of this ice maker, customers say it is one of their favorite kitchen items. Reviews are all too easy to find in which users talk about how fast, quiet, and reliable. They also love how compact the unit is compared to competitors while it still can make so much ice. This crowd pleaser belongs on any list of the best portable ice maker on the market and is plenty enough to grab our attention – and yours.

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker for Counter Top

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For your home gadgets, why look any further than hOmeLabs? Their ice maker stands alone as a great product on a list of good products with features like:

  • Quiet Freezing Unit: The freezing technology in this appliance is as quiet as could be. The only time you will notice your ice machine is when you want your frozen cubes of H20. Through modern refrigeration technology in a tiny package, you get perfectly quiet ice.
  • Speedy Production: Once you have gotten this ice maker out of the box, you are just 6 to 8 minutes away from having ice for your drink. The bull-shaped ice cubes are perfect for whatever your cup you have, including water bottles.
  • Auto Shut Off: To add to the no hassle, easy ice creation of this product, it features an auto shut off so that you don’t have to worry about the unit overflowing. Since this ice maker can produce 26 pounds of ice in a day if you let it, you’re going to what some brakes on this train.

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask the hundreds of Amazon reviewers who have given this product about as high of marks as are possible. At 4.9 out of 5 stars, we’re willing to bet you would be hard pressed to find a more highly product on all of Amazon. Reviewers of this ice maker say that it is perfect for everyday use, party supply, and anything other time they could be in need of more ice. This makes it a top competitor in its market, simply put.

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker

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For your next ice maker purchase, you may want to look into Igloo’s Counter Top Ice Maker. It does everything that other ice makers on this list do and more with characteristics like:

  • Over-Sized Bucket: Despite its compact size, the bucket in this ice maker is deceivingly large. It can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice and turns off once it fills up. This is a good thing since this unit can make up to 26 pounds of ice a day.
  • Ice Cube Size Options: A unique trait of this ice maker is that it lets you create three different size of ice cubes. Small, medium, and large cubes can all be made to satisfy the different sorts of ice that you could be searching for.
  • Stainless Steel Design: The look of this ice maker is outstanding with its stainless steel casing which comes in four different colors. It will, fittingly, look like a modern addition to your home being that it is a truly modern appliance.

As if our appraisal of this product was not convincing enough, reviewers of this product also say that it is an outstanding addition to their lives. It cranks out ice just like advertised, quietly and efficiently. The pellets of ice that this unit puts out are perfect for homes, parties, and adventuring situations, making it a worthy option for our list. In our opinion, if your search hasn’t ended for your next ice maker already, it should right here with Igloo’s ice maker.

Della Portable Ice Maker

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Last up on our list (which still makes it an amazing product, no doubt) is Della’s version of the ice maker. This ice maker is sure to satisfy every need that you would want it to be used for with features like:

  • Several Outward Designs: For those who love options, Della has you covered. While every style delivers the same great performance, Della has produced several different versions of their ice maker with different colors and different setups for the buttons on the unit. You can even get one with an LCD display.
  • Fresh & Fast Ice: In as little as 6 minutes the powerful refrigerator in this product puts out ice for your use. At the very least, this ties the industry’s best mark for speed. If not, then it sets the bar for everyone else to chase.
  • Large, Daily Production: For those that need a lot of ice for a party or other endeavor, this is the perfect ice maker because it can create up to 26 pounds of ice a day. The only thing that will stop this unit from making less is if you forget to refill it or if the bucket fills up.

According to Amazon reviewers, this ice maker model is something to be sought after. They say that it performs just as advertised as far as how fast and how much ice it makes. Additionally, they found that they were surprised how compact the product was and how nice it looks in their kitchen. For these reasons, we’ve got no problem recommending this ice maker to you as one of the best out there.

What Does a Portable Ice Maker Do and Why Should I Use One?

A portable ice maker is – well, exactly what it sounds like! They are small, lightweight freezing units that plug into a power socket and create ice once water has been put into its reservoir. For this reason, they are a bit different than the ice maker found in a full refrigerator because they do not need to tap into a home’s plumbing. Rather, you simply place water into the product and ice turns out of it.

Good Reasons to Own

A few great reasons to own one are:

  • More Ice at Home: An ice maker will produce way more ice than a tray that you shove in your freezer. This way, you can entertain guests and throw parties and not have to worry about your ice supply. Additionally, you won’t have any problems with it spilling or running out after it makes ten piece of ice.
  • High Traffic Kitchenettes: A good example of the sort of place one of these products is useful is an office break room. In the break room, people will be wanting to refill their drinks in pure water and plenty of ice will need to be available.
  • Adventuring: Boating, camping, and tailgating are all situations where ice has got to be available for everyone to have a good time. Instead of buying bags of ice (which run out), you can have a constantly refilling ice machine to cool down drinks and food.

Some Things to Consider

At the beginning of your ice maker search, it may seem difficult to decide on one particular model because, to be honest, it seems like many of them are similar. However, we would encourage you to train your eye on a few key considerations:

  • Price: As we mentioned, it might seem like many portable ice makers are really similar. To be honest, the few features that can be added to an ice maker don’t make gigantic differences in what the product can do so it may be smart to be a little price sensitive while you search.
  • Bucket Capacity: Pretty much all top of the line ice makers say that they can make about 26 pounds of ice day. That number is impressive but we are willing to bet that the amount of ice sitting in your maker at one time will matter more to you. So, find the right balance between too big and too small for you and you may find the perfect ice maker.
  • Aesthetics: Simply put, you may find some ice makers to be better looking for your home or office and others not so much. This is truly a personal choice that is up to you – but we recommend stainless steel for that modern look. (Even better with a summer fan.)


So there you have it. Our list for the best portable ice maker that you can get your hands on has a lot of formidable products on it. Admittedly, a lot of these ice makers are quite similar but we are willing to say that there is one that we call the best: the Thinkgizmos Counter Top Ice Maker.

It is clear to use that Thinkgizmos created an ice maker that combined all of the best aspects that an ice maker can have from all of the other options we could find into one package. May your beverages be cool and your ice cooler!

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