Drink Up with MY Best Alkaline Water Machine for Home (2023) Comparison Reviews

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Alkaline water… I’m sure you’ve heard the term thrown around a lot these days. I’m also sure you probably don’t know what, exactly, it is, if you need it, or, if you do need it, what machine or filter to use for it. Lucky for you I’ve done a ton of research on this subject and tested lots of devices to answer those all these questions and more. My “unfiltered” guide to the Best Alkaline Water Ionizer will explain what alkaline water is, why you may or may not need it, and review the top 5 models on the market. So pour yourself a glass of water, sit back, and start reading.

best alkaline water machine

Our Winner

Before we get into the benefits of alkaline water and our top 5 reviews, I’m going to share a little secret with you; the Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine is my top pick. It is compact, has a great dual filtration system, and is easy to use. The fact that you can use it with your kitchen faucet makes it a quick and simple way to get refreshing alkaline water in seconds. Plus, it can also make acidic ionized water, so you can clean your home using it too.

Alkaline Water…. What’s All the Fuss?

These days alkaline water is being promoted by celebrities and doctors everywhere. Touted as a healthier alternative to conventional tap or even purified water because of an abundance of minerals found in it, many consumers are trying to get past the complicated lingo and understand what it is and if they really need it.

Which is what I’m going to do for you now. Basically, alkaline, or ionized water as it is sometimes called, is water that has minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium in it. These minerals are found naturally in water but are removed when it is purified. It also eliminates free radicals, which damage your body, robbing it of oxygen and the nutrients it needs to thrive and function.

Types of Alkaline Water

Now that you understand what ionized water is, you need to realize that although the terms alkaline and ionized are used interchangeably, they are not necessarily the same. You see, alkaline water is one of 2 types of ionized water; the other is acidic ionized water.

Alkaline Water is water with minerals and a PH of 7 or higher, making it neutral and ideal for drinking. The higher ph is said to help fight the bodies oxidation process and be beneficial much like antioxidant foods,

By comparison, acidic water has a ph of below 7 and is generally used for sanitizing and cleaning. It increases the oxidation process which is why it is a powerful cleaning agent. It’s also why it is recommended for watering plants, as it can increase the oxidation process.

Since alkaline ionized water is the only one safe to consume, the terms alkaline and ionized are both used for the same meaning.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Before we get into the different types of alkaline water machines, let me explain the various benefits drinking it has on your body and overall health.

  • Powerful antioxidant: our bodies are constantly on guard for free radicals, which are groups of atoms that harm our immune system. Free radicals are everywhere from everyday products in your home to pollutants in the air.  Anti-oxidants, such as alkaline water, fight free radicals, keeping your immune system functioning at it’s best.
  • Improves hydration: studies show that ionized water has a smaller molecular make-up, so our bodies absorb it more readily, leaving us better hydrated.
  • Helps fight cancer: cancer thrives in an acidic environment; drinking alkaline water helps prevent the growth of malignant cells, reducing the chance of getting cancer.
  • Aids in weight loss: alkaline water neutralizes the acidity in your body, which slows the production of fat cells and helps you slim down.

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

As you can see, there are various health benefits to alkaline water for you and your family. So, it would be a worthy investment to have it in your home. There are filters for your faucet and pitchers that can make your water more alkaline, but they add only a minimal amount of minerals, giving you no real benefits.

To maximize the number of minerals in your water an ionizing system is your best option. Lucky for you, we have the top 5 systems for you to choose from.

Top Rated Water Ionizer Machine – Which One is the Best?

Here are my reviews of the best water ionizer systems. I will break down all the things you need to know, from the capacity of each system to the filters used and antioxidant potential to help you make an informed buying decision. The antioxidant potential, or oxygen reduction potential (ORP) is important as the higher the number the more free radicals it eliminates.

1. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine (Our Best-Seller 2019)

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Antioxidant Level: +600 to -800

This system is my top pick as it’s dual functionality gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to ionized water. It’s ability to make alkaline and acidic water put it in a class by itself and gives you the freedom to take care of yourself and your home. Even better, you can fine tune how acidic or alkaline the water is, from a ph of 2 to 12, so you get exactly what you need when you need it.

For drinking purposes, this system is ideal thanks to a 2-stage water filtration system and titanium plates that eliminate impurities without sacrificing any of the minerals you need; and the filters need to be changed every 5000 liters, so you don’t have to do it every day. You don’t even need to remember, as the unit will alert you when it’s about to hit the 5,000 mark.  Personally, this is a big plus for me, as it gives me peace of mind that my kids are getting nutrients from clean, pure water. For cleaning, by using more acidic water you can get surfaces cleaner and you can switch between the 2 types of water with the simple push of a button.

Speaking of buttons, I like the simple LCD control panel, which allows you to customize the exact ph level you need.  As for the system itself, Bawell’s machine is compact and made for countertops, which makes using it uncomplicated and easy for anyone to lift; there’s a DVD to help you install it and as someone who is not good with gadgets I can promise you it’s easy to follow. It’s also has a steel casing, so it won’t become damaged by high temperature and will resist germs and mold. A great all-in-one system for any home.

2. Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 (Best Value for Money)

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Antioxidant Level: Up to -800mV ORP 

This ionizer system comes in a close second to the Bawell thanks to multiple water options and a lower price point that makes it a great value. The Air Water Life machine can produce alkaline, purified, or acidic water, but only to a certain extent. There are 4 alkaline presets, 2 presets for acidic water, and 1 for purified; so you have all 3 options but you can’t customize the ph levels.

This is only a big deal if you need a specific ph level for dietary needs that isn’t covered by the machine or prefer the taste of a select level; otherwise, this machine is a quality device that features an advanced filtration system that consists of a carbon filter and 7 electroplates made of titanium. It also covers the most common alkaline water settings, ensuring you get the nutrients you need each and every day. And the steel outer casing is resistant to mold and isn’t temperature sensitive.

The carbon filter lasts for over 1,500 gallons of water, so you can go a year before you need to change it and the titanium plates aid in the unit’s ability to self-clean after each use. So you can use it and forget it. The LCD screen is straightforward- just choose the setting you need and it’s ready to go. It also can be used as a countertop unit or under the sink, giving you even more options. A solid choice for homeowners in platinum alkaline water ionizer review.

3. Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 (BEST Basic Model)

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Antioxidant Level: l -600 to +600 ORP

If you want a machine without all the bells and whistles or are just learning about ionized water this model from Air Water Life is the way to go. It has a lower price point than the others on this list, but it also offers less, with a ph range from 5-11; it’s also not compatible with well water; many areas use well water, which limits who can use this device.

But, despite it’s limitations, this machine does deliver tasty water full of minerals with ease. It has a carbon filter that needs changing every 1,585 gallons of water and there are titanium plates that ionize quickly and efficiently. It also has an FDA-approved outer plastic casing that can stand up to high temperatures and is easy to clean. Speaking of cleaning, the unit internally cleans itself after each and every use.

And just like with the higher-end model from this company, the 5.0 has 4 alkaline presets, 2  acidic presets, and 1 for purified water. A smart starter unit for those who live in an apartment or want to minimize the amount of space used, it meets all your basic needs.

4. Life Ionizer MXL-9 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer (BEST Big-Ticket Model)

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Antioxidant Level: Up to -800 ORP

Life Ionizer’s machine is the most expensive on our list, but that bigger price tag is worth it if you want an exceptional unit that looks as good as it performs. My personal favorite in terms of design, it has a polished, minimalist look that works on any countertop and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

The black outer casing, in addition to being an eye-catcher, is easy to clean and can stand up to any temperature or bacteria. And the one-button control makes programming and using it easier than many other models. It’s also versatile, as you can use it on your counter or under the sink, whichever way you prefer.

But as pretty as it is, it’s the way it functions that really sets it apart. The Ultraviolet XL Sterilization System ensures harmful bacteria and allergens are removed and the titanium core, platinum covered 9 grid plates maximize mineral levels, in particular, Hydrogen. Hydrogen is known to increase oxidation and improve the body’s internal and external systems, so you get more hydrating benefits when using this machine. The plates are slotted,

This machine is also easy to use and clean, with the filter located on top for easy changing and easy installation that anyone can handle.

A top of the line unit that is worth splurging on if you have it.

5. NEW IONtech IT-589 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine 7 pH Water Levels by IntelGadgets.

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Antioxidant Level: Up to -600mV ORP

Those looking for a more budget-friendly model without sacrificing quality should consider this unit from IntelGadgets. One of the lowest price machines on our list, it gives you a wide range of ph levels you can customize, giving you perfect drinking water every time. It has ph levels from 4.5-11 and 7 levels built-in, from tea water and water for food prep to drinking water, so you can pick based on what you plan to do with the water.

I especially like the soft touch buttons on the control panel, which are great for older folks or those suffering from arthritis as the soft panel makes it easy to start the machine; the panel is also colorful and has big print with pictures making it easy to read no matter what your native language.

The machine uses a carbon filter and 5 titanium plates, which ionizes the water quickly; the unit also does a 10-second cleaning every time you use it to make alkaline water, so you don’t have to constantly take it apart. And the ceramic outer casing is both temperature and germ-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it warping or becoming moldy. For me this is the top model for those on a budget, keeping down costs yet still delivering mineral-rich water.

Alkaline Water System Buying Considerations

Before you purchase any of these machines, there are several factors to consider, which I will explain to you now..


Systems come with either single or double filter systems; what you need depends on the quality of water where you live. The filter is what eliminates impurities found in water, so if your tap water is not that great you need the dual system. On the other hand, if you live in an area where the tap water is relatively clean, a single system is fine. And if you’re not sure, be safe and go for the double system.


The plates of a machine matter more than you think, as they can determine the life of a unit. There is 3 types- solid, slotted, and mesh. Solid is the heaviest, but also the easiest to clean and last longer than the other; they also improve the life of your unit. Slotted and mesh are lighter but can be more difficult to clean. You also tend to pay more for mesh and slotted due to their lighter design.

The main thing to remember is- the more plates a machine has the higher the price tag. For most systems 5- 9 plates are sufficient; systems with 11 plates don’t do anymore and add no additional benefits; it only adds to the price.

PH/ORP Ranges

Ideally, you want a machine that can produce alkaline and acidic ionized water, so look for ph levels of 4-11 and an ORP of up to 800.  When it comes to ORP, the higher negativity is what to look for. ORP shows how many electrons are in the water and the higher the negativity, the more ions and the less free radicals. Free radicals are what damage our bodies so this number is one of the most important factors.


Do you have space for a kitchen counter model or do you need one that tucks under the sink. Not all models are made for under the sink or require a separate kit you need to purchase if it does, Check the size of the machine and where it can be placed before you buy.


Most systems self-clean, which is important. These machines get a large deposit of calcium when ionizing, which cna damage and deteriorate the unit over time. That’s why self-cleaning is your best option, as it keeps the build-up down and you don’t have to take it apart every day.

Alkaline Water System Q &A

To help you with any issues or concerns, here are our most frequently asked questions about these types of machines:

Q. Do they remove fluoride?

A: No, most do not remove fluoride, but some models come with an additional filter, at a price, to add that feature to the system. Ask before buying if this is important to you.

Q. Do I need to clean my unit every day?

A: Depends on the model. If you have a self-cleaning unit you do not and can do monthly maintenance and go over the interior. If it is not self-cleaning you need to clean it daily to eliminate calcium build-up.

Q. Do they really work?

Yes, these systems have been tested and are proven to eliminate free radicals and keep the necessary nutrients you need for your body in the water.


I hope my guide to the Best Alkaline Water Machine as helped you understand the process and see why these machines are a great addition to any home. While the Bawell Water Ionizer is my top pick and offers the greatest range at a reasonable price, all the machines featured are solid choices and will eliminate harmful toxins.

These systems are all easy to use, work well, and will have you and your family feeling their best.

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