What Fuel To Store For The Long Run

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Long-term fuel storage should be part of your survival plan because fuel gives you more options during power outages, and you never know when the power goes out.

What Fuel To Store For The Long Run

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to fuel. For instance, you can store up firewood, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, or propane.

With the fuel that you store, you will be able to heat food and yourselves. Furthermore, you can run your generator that will, in turn, run appliances in your house. Also, you will have the option of bugging out.

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In this article, you will find the benefits and disadvantages of different types of fuel. Also, you will learn how to store each type of fuel.


This is the most common form of fuel that you can store upon. It has been fuel for thousands of years, and it has been essential in the survival of man until now.

The advantage of firewood is that it’s almost anywhere. Furthermore, it is quite cheap in comparison to other forms of fuel.

Storing firewood is easy to do. Also, there are no rules about storing it or how much you can have stored up.

You can burn firewood easily to cook or keep yourselves warm. And you can do so without any sort of chemicals or electricity.

There are some problems you might face while using firewood. For instance, different types of wood burn differently. There are softwoods and hardwoods to choose from.


These are not so good at burning. Furthermore, they burn up too fast and the heat that generates is low.

Softwood leaves a lot of ash when you burn it, and the smell is pungent. Plus, it deteriorates much quicker than hardwood.


Hardwood is much better to burn as it burns slow and gives out a lot of heat. Overall, it’s a better source of fuel and lasts long. The smoke is not pungent either.

You need to season your firewood for the best performance, and that takes a long time. To season it, you have to chop it into neat, usable portions.

Next, you have to store it away in a dry place and leave it there for six or more months. A year of seasoning will wield excellent firewood.

Don’t use unseasoned firewood in your house. If you do, there will be creosote buildup in your chimney, which leads to chimney fires.


Gasoline has a short shelf life, which makes it one of the hardest fuel sources to store, but there are ways to store gasoline in the long run.

You can find products in the market that you can add to the gasoline to increase their lifespan. Add gasoline stabilizer additives to your gasoline every year. This will increase the lifespan of gasoline from one year to many.

You should store the gas away from the elements. It should also be away from your family. Keep it in a dry place. Extreme temperatures are bad too.

An ideal location would be an unattached shed. Or some sort of room that is away from people will do. You cant let kids come near it at all.

Gas is flammable, so keep it away from ignition sources. Respect a fifty feet rule. A leak would release fumes, so, make sure that your gas container is sealed.

You need to know how to manage gasoline. Handling and storing gasoline have risk factors, so you must do it right.

Make sure you don’t keep more than the law allows you, and your containers should have gasoline approval.

Diesel Fuel

The diesel we use these days is ULSD. This type of fuel lasts for six or more months. With additives, the life span increases.

You can also do nitrogen blanking, the injection of nitrogen into the tank. This will make your diesel live longer. However, this is not good for the fuel tank. Unlike gas, diesel won’t cause fires as easy.


Compared to the last fuels, this one is much better. Kerosene has a lot of functions. It’s good for cooking, lighting, and heating, and it won’t explode like gasoline. That doesn’t mean it’s good on your dining table, either, so, store it well.

Furthermore, gasoline lasts a long time. You can store it for years and still use it without any additives. This fuel type is cheap, and you can store as much as you want. Just make sure to follow regulations.


Propane is easy to store. You can store it in tanks of all sizes, but you might have regulations to follow in your area, so mind that.

This fuel is a great option just like kerosene. It lasts for a long time, so, if you are thinking about preparing for the long run, store up on propane.

You can store it safely without worrying about explosions. Still, it is a good idea to keep it away from the family, especially kids.

You will be able to run your generator with propane. That means all your appliances will be at your disposal during power outages.


There are many fuels for you to choose from when you are preparing for the long run: firewood, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and propane.

Firewood is traditional but doesn’t power the generator. Gasoline and diesel will take you to your bug out, so storing some might be useful. And if you stay put, kerosene and propane are the best fuels to store.

Prepare for the long run with a good fuel tank. Get a self-bound double-layer tank that prevents leakages. The environment and the health of your family are at stake.

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