Vertical or Horizontal Window Blinds. Which is Best? Where To Buy?

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Vertical or Horizontal Window Blinds. Which is Best & Where To Buy?

When planning on furnishing your home, you want to do it perfectly, and you want to be absolutely sure that all the products that you have chosen to add to the interior go well with each other and that, thus, the entire home is aesthetically pleasing. Of course, in addition to wanting everything to fit in well together, you also want everything to serve its own purpose, because you absolutely don’t want to end up buying certain products that won’t quite work for you and your home. For instance, there are blinds.

If you just buy any of those that you come across without ever thinking anything through, then there is a chance that you’ll get the wrong ones and that you will later on be unhappy with the choice you’ve made, thinking that you’ve just wasted money on something that doesn’t work. This, however, does not mean that no blinds work at all. There are certainly a lot of amazing ones out there and there are a lot of benefits, including those listed on this page, that come with using blinds in your home.

It’s just that, if you buy the wrong ones, you are bound to be disappointed, because they won’t serve their purpose very well. As mentioned previously, you want these products to serve their purpose, as well as to be quite aesthetically pleasing. Before we get to the part of where you can find and buy the products that you need, we are going to do one rather important thing that will help you make your choice while thinking both of the purpose and of the aesthetics.

In short, we are going to talk about the differences between vertical and horizontal window blinds, and thus help you decide which ones you want to get for your specific home. Everyone has a different sense of style and different priorities in terms of what it is that’s important to them when it comes to practicality and the purpose of the blinds. The truth is, though, that there are some common factors that all people keep in mind when purchasing these products, and when assessing them and helping other people understand whether they work well or not.

Here is how you can choose yours:

So, if you are having issues deciding between the vertical and the horizontal option, then this is what we are going to do. In simple words, we are going to have a closer look at both of these types of blinds and help you decide all on your own which one could work best for you. After we are done talking about that, we are also going to proceed towards talking a bit about the actual process of purchasing your window blinds, because you need to know where to buy them and how to be sure that you have chosen the perfect shop. Let’s take it one step at a time.

Vertical Vs. Horizontal Blinds

Vertical Vs. Horizontal Blinds

If you want to take the direction of the sunlight into consideration, and you undeniably should, because the blinds help block it when necessary, then there is one thing you should absolutely know. Basically, people usually buy vertical blinds for those windows that are facing east or west. On the other hand, horizontal blinds tend to be perfect for those that are facing north or south. So, if this is an important criterion for you, make sure to check the direction.

There are, without a doubt, some other important factors that you’ll need to consider in this case, and most of those could be even more important than the direction of the sunlight. For instance, if you are mainly installing these products to get some privacy, as well as to gain control over the light, you should know that the horizontal ones are better for those specific purposes. That’s because the vertical ones tend to let light pass through more easily than the horizontal ones. On the other hand, though, vertical blinds tend to be more energy-efficient, because they block the sunlight better and then keep your room cooler.

You should also consider your specific windows when trying to make the right choice here. This is because the horizontal blinds tend to be more compatible with smaller windows, while the vertical ones could be better for bigger ones. On top of that, there is the cleaning process to take into account, and what you need to know there is that the vertical ones are slightly easier to clean. So, when you take all of these things into consideration and think carefully about what would suit you better, you’ll be able to decide between these two types of products.

Where To Get Them

Where To Get Them

Regardless of the decision you make here, there is one thing absolutely for sure. You will need to figure out where to buy your blinds, whether you want horizontal or vertical ones. There are shops such as Freshview Blinds in Essex that sell both of those types, and your task is to find that one shop that will sell you the best quality products and that won’t charge you a small fortune to provide you with some light protection. If you want to complete the task successfully, you will have to take your time to do some research on the options that you have.

For starters, you’ll have to find various different shops online and have a look at their websites, so that you can check whether they sell in your area, and whether they sell the type that you want to buy. Once you have done that, you should take some time to thoroughly research the brands and check their reputation, because you absolutely don’t want to end up making a purchase from an ill-reputed supplier and thus get low quality products. Reviews will help you check the reputation, and once you do that, you should proceed to comparing the prices that those different shops offer, since you want to get the perfect value for your money.

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