Use Peel and Stick Shiplap to Enhance Interior Design

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If you’re looking to spice up your interior design, you should consider using a peel and stick shiplap.

Use Peel and Stick Shiplap to Enhance Interior Design

Shiplap is a style of wooden wall consisting of long horizontal planks. They’re usually painted white and can be on both the exterior and interior of many homes.

However, if you have no time to install wooden planks in your home (or just don’t fancy getting out your heavy toolbox), peel and stick shiplap is a great option. It minimises the time and complexity of installing shiplap into your house, whilst still adding a beautiful feature to your interior design.

This peelable wallpaper comes in a bunch of colours and patterns, including the popular white and grey colours.

Installing this wallpaper is easy even for DIY beginners, but which rooms are best to use a peel and stick shiplap in?

Here are the best four rooms to use a peel and stick shiplap to enhance the interior design or your home.

  1. Your Bedroom

When the bedroom wallpaper is outdated, it can leave your room feeling a bit lifeless. Adding shiplap to an accent wall might just be the thing you need to add some character back to your room.

Peel and stick shiplap is super easy to adhere once you have removed your old wallpaper. A popular place to install shiplap is behind the headboard, but it would look great on any wall in the room.

  1. Bathroom

Your bathroom is another great place to use a peel and stick shiplap. There’s nothing more satisfying than relaxing in a hot bath next to a beautiful wooden wall.

If you’re worried about moisture getting under the wallpaper and causing it to peel, be sure to ventilate your bathroom regularly, and avoid getting the shiplap too wet.

  1. Your Living Room

By Dan Gold | Unsplash

When your living room needs a makeover, peel and stick shiplap could be the way to go. Replacing a basic painted white wall is quick and easy when you can adhere shiplap to your walls. You can opt for some light colours to keep the traditional feel of shiplap, or choose a distressed finish to add character to your lounge.


  1. Your Kitchen

Perhaps a less commonplace to add a shiplap wall, but your kitchen can be completely transformed by replacing one of the walls with peel and stick shiplap. Most people won’t even be able to tell that you have used wallpaper instead of real wooden plank, and it’s so much easier to install.

It’s particularly difficult to replace a kitchen wall with wooden planks due to the many kitchen cupboards and tables getting in the way. For this reason alone, using peel and stick shiplap can make your kitchen makeover much simpler and less stressful!

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