Relocation Checklist – Things to Do Before Moving Into a New Neighbourhood

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Planning for every aspect of your move is important. Because there are a number of things you need to plan. But starting early using this wondering relocation checklist will help you make sure you stay on top of your game.

Things to Do Before Moving Into a New Neighbourhood

Your Moving Checklist (How to Prepare Your Move into a New Neighbourhood)

1. Using dropbox or google drive to create a digital “moving” folder

Use your phone to take pictures of receipts, quotes, and documents related to your move. Store them in an online storage facility like dropbox or google drive. Toss them in a folder so you can easily reference them because you’re not going to recall all the details off the top of your head all the time

The neighborhood

A neighborhood is not a neighborhood without neighbors. Take some time to drive around at different points throughout the day to gain an understanding of the area’s level of outdoor activity, family-friendliness and social interaction.

Don’t be shy when it comes to making small talk with the people who may soon be your real neighbors. Ask your potential neighbors questions. Ask them how long they’ve lived in the area, what their favorite hotspots are, local eateries, and learn about what they love the most about the community. But if are too shy you can always seek counsel from a realtor directory to get an objective point of view.

2.Plan in-home approximations with a moving company

Try and secure at least three estimates

Before signing any documents, read all the documents from your moving company

Be aware of the documents you’ll be getting well ahead of time so you can make time to read them and avoid becoming intimidated by the contracts. This is very important and as it will help you understand your rights in the event where things don’t go as planned.

3. For the relocating day request time off, work well ahead of time

If possible plan to make the move on a Friday and take time off on that day. This will give you an extra two days to get yourself organized.

4. Select a school for your kiddies

If you have children you will want to find them a good school well ahead of time to make the transition smoother. Do a bit of research to make sure you select the best school for your kids in that area.

Ask for your kid’s transcripts from their current school for their new school

It does not matter how far away you are moving, your children’s new school will require them. Make sure to get to your new school prepared so that your little ones don’t get left behind.

5. Prepare and host a garage/yard sale

After hosting a garage sale, all the things that don’t sell can be donated.

Plan how you are going to move unique or fragile items like fine art, safest pool tables, guns, pianos, etc

The movers you appoint may not be certified to move very expensive or bigger items, so you may need to employ a specialty mover. Ensure you are mindful of what the movers you hire are qualified to move and what they are not.

6. Moving company certifications

Verify that the moving company you appoint is certified and insured by double-checking their department of transportation number (also known as a DOT number). This will ease your concern about the safety of your possessions as you have many other things to think about.

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