Portable Handheld Steam Cleaners – How To Choose The Best One?

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Are you struggling to access the hard-to-reach spots when cleaning your house? Vacuum cleaners are usually too bulky for cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces, particularly tiles. Nevertheless, homeowners can easily replace them with portable, handheld steam cleaners. 

Portable Handheld Steam Cleaners

These handheld appliances are incredibly convenient both for cleaning and storing, owing to their small size and compact design. Most models are equipped with a multitude of attachments that help homeowners clean every corner of the house. 

In order to select the right model for your household needs, you have to consider numerous features, such as size, water tank capacity, temperature, pressure, noise levels, and naturally, your budget. 

The following tips will help you make the right choice. 

Consider its size 

The first factor to consider when choosing a handheld steam cleaner is size, as these devices are supposed to be small and compact. Despite the huge variety of sizes, handheld models are designed to be smaller in size and lighter in weight in comparison with the traditional ones. 

Due to their lightweight and compact size, these appliances are amazingly convenient in terms of carrying them around the house. You could easily clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces without pushing bulky appliances that restrict your cleaning agenda. 

Moreover, prior to making a purchase, it’s important to choose a suitable place for storing the appliance. As long as you have spare room in your closet, you won’t have any problems storing your brand new steam cleaner. Handheld models are most convenient when it comes to storage owing to their small dimensions.

Check the attachments

Another significant factor to take into account when choosing the right steam cleaner model is the choice of attachments. Most of the low-end models come with basic attachments that enable you to clean a limited number of surfaces. Some manufactures provide users with separate accessories, which can be bought after purchasing a steam cleaner. 

Nevertheless, high-end models are equipped with a variety of attachments that are specially designed for sanitization of floors, corners, windows, furniture, and kitchen appliances. Make sure you visit this page to check out the reviews of some of the best portable handheld steam cleaners, which include a variety of attachments. Bear in mind that the more accessories the product has the more versatile it is. Therefore, you are encouraged to select a model that has all the accessories you find necessary, not one that fails to match your cleaning requirements. 

Consider the size of the water tank

The water tank capacity of portable steam cleaners is of key importance when purchasing such a product. This feature affects the heat-up time as well as the longevity of the cleaning process. Anyhow, handheld models are known for their small water tanks, which hold less than half a liter of water. 

Although you’d be required to refill the tank numerous times in the course of the cleaning process, the heat-up time is considerably faster when compared to models with large-sized tanks. As a result, you won’t have to wait more than a few minutes to start cleaning. 

Consider the steam temperature and pressure 

Temperature and pressure are indispensable factors to consider, as these directly affect the production of steam. Devices that reach high pressure and temperature are believed to be more efficient for sanitization of surfaces since such vapor is capable of eliminating almost 99 percent of the germs in your household. 

Furthermore, pressure refers to the force that the device uses to produces steam, which is supposed to range from three to six bars. High-pressure models are known to be costlier than the low-pressure ones, but the efficiency of the former is definitely worth the investment. Visit the following link, https://www.thethings.com/benefits-steam-cleaning/, to learn more about the benefits of steam cleaning. 

Don’t forget your budget

Another important consideration when purchasing a portable, handheld steam cleaner is your budget, as these appliances are available in an extensive price range. Fortunately, handheld models are considerably more affordable than the bulkier ones, thus being available for purchase at reasonable prices. 

Nevertheless, the price of these devices depends on their power, temperature, as well as the number of attachments. Bear in mind that high-pressure models with a myriad of useful accessories are costlier than the low-end ones, which are equipped with basic features. In case you intend to use the appliance for normal cleaning purposes, you are advised to choose from the more affordable models in the market. Anyhow, when purchasing such a product for the purpose of heavy-duty cleaning, you are encouraged to invest in a costlier device. 

Check noise levels

Although handheld steam cleaners are believed to be less noisy than vacuum cleaners, some models can produce a rather loud noise. If you aren’t fond of listening to loud buzzing noise while cleaning, make sure you look for noiseless devices, as some brands specialize in designing such products. 

Moreover, take a good look at the product specifications in order to check the decibel level, which indicates the level of loudness. However, since not all manufacturers specify decibel levels, you are advised to look for online customer reviews, where customers share their experiences with such products. 

Consider convenience

When purchasing a portable, handheld model, homeowners have nothing to worry about in terms of convenience. These devices are undoubtedly the most convenient ones in the extensive range of steam cleaners due to their small size and lightweight. As previously mentioned, they are highly beneficial for storage, enabling homeowners to fit them in extremely small spaces. 

In spite of their incredible portability, bear in mind that handheld, portable devices aren’t designed for heavy-duty cleaning but for accessing hard-to-reach spots around the house. As a result, you can’t expect these devices to provide the same level of cleanliness and sanitization as the large ones. Make sure you determine your cleaning requirements before selecting the most suitable type. 

Bottom line

Investing in such an appliance is useful for having each corner of your home properly cleaned!

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