8 Ways to Make Your House Feel Homey

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Have you walked into your home lately and thought, “I just don’t want to be here.”? If you have recently moved to a new place, that’s pretty normal. It doesn’t feel homey because it isn’t really a home just yet. It’s still an unfamiliar space, but if its been months, and you still don’t feel settled, then something is off.

Make Your House Feel Homey

There is a big difference between calling your place your house rather than your home. There is a reason why the phrase “home sweet home” is coined. It is because our house needs to feel like home. It needs to feel like you are in your comfort zone. It needs to feel like its where you belong.

There are several factors that come into play when your place doesn’t feel like home, but there is a solution to it. Here are some ways to make your house feel like your home sweet home.

Redefine Your Lighting

Harsh light can create a harsh atmosphere. Bad lighting can seriously strain your eyes and might even cause a headache. Lights that are too dim, on the other hand, can make you feel drowsy and unmotivated. If it is possible, rearrange your furniture and change your window treatment to let natural light enter your house. Natural light can boost your mood and heighten your energy.

If serious renovvation isn’t something you want to take on, then opt for some daylight bulbs that can mimic natural lighting. If you want to keep a relaxing aura in your house, look for warm-toned lights that can mimic candlelight. It will make your house look and feel cozy.

Add Personal Touches

Our childhood memories can have a powerful nostalgic effect on us. The moment we see an item or pictures that remind us of the good old days, we smile and reminisce instantly. Display family photos or family heirlooms that remind you of good memories of vacation, holidays, or any family get together. This can create a warm atmosphere in your house. If you have moved to a new location, you can even ask your family to send you a few things from home.

Display Art

You do not need to purchase rare or expensive artwork, but you need to display artwork to make your house personalized. Not only does a presence of art invigorate the atmosphere in your house, but it could also make it look expensive as well. You can even display your own art if It makes you feel good. It can be used as the centerpiece of your room. The key to choosing art is choosing something that you like and that makes you feel good.

Adopt a Pet

It is scientifically proven that having animal pets around improves mental and physical health. Taking care of pets can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase our sense of empathy and understanding of love. Pets can make you feel at home. When you walk in the door your pet will be excited to see you and will make you feel good. The thought of someone looking forward to your return feels like home.

If you are allergic to dogs, don’t worry. There are several breeds that are allergy friendly. Those include:

  • Poodles
  • Chihuahua
  • Yorkies
  • Shih Tzu
  • Labradoodle
  • Maltese

Add Some Greens

Apart from adopting pets or bringing in some other animals, like hamsters and fish, to give life to you can also add plants. As a living thing, these greens can brighten up your house. Putting pots of plants in your house not only adds energy in your space but it can also detoxify the toxins in the air.

Some plants may be difficult to take care but there are also some which are good for beginners, like succulent plants. Succulent plants are considered hardly plants because they can thrive in some of the harshest and driest environment, which is great if you are busy and forget to water them. You need to water them only once or twice per week.

If you want to add a relaxing aroma to your home, you should plant mint, lemongrass, bay

leaves, basil, lavender, or orchids.

Add Some Fluff

Softies like throw pillows and blankets not only add color and texture to a room, but it also makes it inviting. Imagine a couch without a throw pillow. It can look a little too plain and boring. Plain and boring aren’t usually words that are descriptive of a homey home.

Host A Housewarming Party

Hosting a housewarming party is a great way to start making memories in your new home. Centuries ago, a housewarming party was held when you were literally trying to warm up your house so guests brought gifts, such as firewood.

Nowadays, it is seen as an informal party with friends to show your new home. Having a house party can make your house feel homey because it can create fresh new fun memories right in your new space. In addition, it’s a good way to subtly receive items you need at home.

Cook At Home

You might not feel at home yet in your new house because you do not see yourself living there. One way to make it feel like your home is to make a daily routine as you did at your prior home. There is no better way than to cook in your own kitchen. A kitchen is the heart of the home.

Sometimes when you move to a new place it gets uncomfortable because you may not remember where things have been put, which makes your home feel unfamiliar. By cooking you will get used to finding everything and will have dinners that you are used to, which will make your home feel normal.

When you move into a new home it is important to find your new normal. Add things to your home that will make you feel at home, whether that is changing the lighting or adding personal touches. Remember, this is your home so change whatever you have to to turn it into your home.

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