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Best Vegetable Chopper Comparison Reviews (2019)

Best Vegetable Chopper Buying Guide

Summertime is my favorite time of year. Why? Because it is the best time of year to enjoy tasty, fresh vegetables. Yes, I said vegetables. Veggies are crunchy, refreshing, and of course, good for you. What’s not so good for you, is all the chopping and dicing you have to do to them.

Which is why I invested in a vegetable chopper- and you should too. Choppers take the work out of prep work and make slicing and dicing vegetables easy, quick and fun. P Oh, and for those of you not so crazy about vegetables, they work great on nuts, chocolate and just about any other foods too.

My best vegetable chopper guide will break down everything you need to know to choose the best chopper for you, from features and pricing to summer recipes and maintenance tips. Read on and then run along and get one- chop, chop (see what I did there?)

What is a Vegetable Chopper?

Vegetable choppers come in all shapes and sizes, but their main purpose is the same: to help you peel and slice vegetables (or any other foods) in every conceivable fashion, from grating and dicing to gourmet cuts, like julienne, mandolin and more. They come in several styles and are easy to use and clean, making them a must-have in every kitchen.

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Best Pizza Stones Comparison Buying Guide

5 Best Pizza Stones for Grill Comparison Reviews (2019)

If you want to enjoy homemade pizza that tastes like it cam out of a brick oven, a pizza stone is a must for your kitchen. Made of natural stone, they fit easily in any conventioanl oven and will have you cooking pizzas like a pro. A baking stone will give you almost the same results as a brick oven, as the stone absorbs the heat in the oven and it transfers it to the pizza, helping it to cook evenly and quickly. It also pulls in the moisture from the crust, making it crispy and light. The result? Professional pizzas, right in your own kitchen!

Best Pizza Stones Comparison Buying Guide

A baking, or pizza stone, is a simple, yet effective tool mainly used for baking.  These kinds of stones come in different shapes and sizes, including square, round and rectangular,  with the thickness of the best pizza stones ranging between 1/2 inch to 1 inch. When cooking, this stone is simply placed in the bottom or middle rack of the oven and preheated for at least 30 minutes  before placing the pizza on top of the stone. If your stone is very thick, you may have to preheat your oven for up to an hour.

Now, making an exceptional homemade pizza requires a few other tools too, like a good dough recipe, mixing bowl, and measuring spoons to whip it all up. With the right tools, and the right stone, making professional grade pizza at home will be a cinch!

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best kitchen shear

Best Kitchen Shears (2019) Comparison Reviews : “Cut” Down On Kitchen Work

Having the best kitchen shears is essential for chefs and people who love creating tasty foods in their own home. While you may think that you only need knives for chopping and cutting your food items, you will soon find out that kitchen shears can be useful in ways you never thought of.

best kitchen shear

What are Kitchen Shear and Scissors?

A kitchen shear is a pair of scissors that is specifically designed as a multi-function cooking utensil. It is a culinary tool designed for the purpose of cutting hard meats smoothly and precisely. You may think that a chef knife and a paring knife can do the job, but owning a pair of kitchen shears will change that.

Surprise you with its many benefits. This cooking tool might be on bottom of your neccessities list, but once you realize all the benefits that come with owning one, that will change. From its cutting power to its versatility, it is something you definitely need.

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